We are the blockchain that offers an indisputable advancement with our Proof of Achievement(PoAch) protocol, with which we can demonstrate the execution of a real Smart Interactive Mining

Arian, the proposal you were waiting for

Arian is the first blockchain based on a new algorithmic protocol, designed and developed by a team of talented professionals, experts in programming and development, with which we not only created a blockchain, but also fused the best of two already existing protocols, which are the Proof of Work (PoW) and the Proof of Play (PoP) to create the Proof of Achievement or PoAch. Additionally, we also developed our own cryptocurrency, Arian Coin (ARIAN) and the exclusive Arian Interactive Node designed with a series of special characteristics.

All this teamwork has as main goal to bringlife to a decentralized ecosystem that will provide to every cryptocurrency mining entrepreneur with the possibility of being part, independently, of the new decentralized economy, using the least amount of energetic resources through conventional computers or smart devices, while monetizing the result of their efforts in arians. This is what we call Smart Interactive Mining.

Arian Coin will revolutionize the digital financial ecosystem

As the creators of the Arian’s blockchain, we promote economic independence as the key to financial independence success. Arian raises a new, fresh and practical approach that promotes a world in which every person has the possibility of generating productivity at the same time that leads a full and healthy life, without hurting the environment. We guarantee friendly, decentralized and totally effective mining.

The Blockchain ecosystem in general covers an application scope that goes beyond cryptocurrencies and which is today recognized as the disruptive element that changes the business world. Within the digital ecosystem that Arian has created, its implications are innumerable.

Arian Coin is presented as the pioneer, separating itself by far from other cryptocurrencies on the market. It is efficient regarding energy, it is decentralized because it does not depend on cooperation work, pools or farms, as it additionally bases its security in the encrypting algorithm AES-256. Arian Coin will be mined through multiple ways and with real human work, that is why it is the all-changing cryptocurrency.

What differentiates Arian from other proposals in the crypto world

The Proof of Achievement (PoAch) protocol

It isessentiallythe human-machine symbiosis. The PoAch rewardsthe work performed by aman in a computer or any smart device capable of measuring and counting data,once any goal that a raised challenge proposesis achieved. That is, whoever uses their time, for example in a video game, can get to validate the block and thus mine arians or receive a reward for goals achieved by performing different tasks that require physical or mechanical work.

We are the blockchain that offers an undeniable advancement with our Proof of Achievement (PoAch) protocol, with which we can demonstrate the execution of a true Smart Interactive Mining. We want to demonstrate that anyone can access the cryptocurrency world in a decentralized way and backed by the security that the AES-256 encryption algorithm provides, which is now recognized and supported by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST).

The Arian Interactive Node

Other protocols have a variable level of difficulty determined by the number of connected nodes. There is a fixed difficulty with the Arian Interactive Node, which remarkably facilitates the hash and nonce computing. We do not want miners frustrated for not achieving the goal, we want Arianminers excited for their achievements while mining.

The mining time will depend on the Arianminer’s skills. To achieve the goal the Arianminer will have a maximum of 3 minutes to close the block. For others, the time and opportunity will depend on the number of nodes connected to the blockchain.

One of the best features of the ArianInteractive Node is that it consumes a very low level of energy, as it doesnot require a high computing power or specialized hardware. A conventional computer or any other smart device is enough for mining, while other nodes need a high and exaggerated energy consumption, as they need serious computing power for mining.

One more difference, in favor of the Arian Interactive Node, is that in order to operate other nodes, a medium level of knowledge regarding the cryptocurrency world is needed; with ours, downloading it, creating an account and starting to play and having fun is enough, while mining in arians.

Find the Hash, the videogame in which you play mining at full speed

We have talked about Arianminers that play for mining, but we have not said what do they play to validate the block and monetize arians. Find the Hash is the mind-blowing videogame of the Arian’s blockchain, in which the gamer runs at full speed aboard of a Speeder, whereof there are 4 models to choose from, with different abilities. The race is to validate the hash in less than 3 minutes and first than the rest of the competition and is carried out within a blockchain, full of colors and awe-inspiring scenarios that will make us know how a blockchain is on the inside.

Find The Hash, was designed with the intention of highlighting the essence of the Proof of Play(PoP) because the Arianminer will be mining with its abilities inside a game, which really highlights the human-machine symbiosis that the Arian’s PoAch proposes.

Downloading Arian’s Interactive Node in a conventional computer is enough for the Arianminer to start that adventure of validating blocks and monetizing arians in a race full of adrenaline, colors and exciting speed.

Arian is Smart Interactive Mining

The Smart Interactive Mining, in essence, aims to achieve that anyone with a conventional computer or a smart device competes with other participants on equal footing for the prize of validating the blockchain’s next block or achieve goals for proposed challenges, and so, receive rewards that reward your effort; all through our exceptional Arian Interactive Node.

All Arianminers compete under equal conditions within the blockchain, since it doesn’t matter which device is used to participate, because it isn’t a matter of computing power, as far as the game is concerned, it’s a matter of skill. And, in the case of goals for challenges, it will be a matter of commitment and will to achieve.

That’s what makes Arian different as an emerging proposal within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, equal opportunities for all and the possibility of monetizing arians playing or leading a full life.

What defines and differentiates us

An exceptional security platform:Based on the Proof of Work (PoW), combined with the AES-256 algorithm. 

The integration of the Proof of Play(PoP) to the proposal: Validating blocks and generating cryptocurrencies fulfilling the goals of a game leaves aside the need to entrust work to computers. Mining is a matter of skill and perseverance.

Smart Interactive Mining: Proof of Achievement (PoAch) is equal to decentralization within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Without excessive energy consumption, or complicated equipment or hardware to monopolize the action.

Node + Action + Human: Using smart devices, physical exercise will be recorded and counted, with the finality of awarding the achievement of a goal and reward it. This is one of the most ambitious accomplishments regarding the application of the Proof of Achievement (PoAch).

Entertainment that pays off in arians: Only Arian Coin provides entertainment to its users. Find the Hash, is the adventure that provides arians while you enjoy the excitement of the game. Obtaining rewards for achieved goals, through physical activities and personal challenges make us in the most dynamic blockchain.

Guaranteed decentralization: The proliferation of farms generated a scenario of excluding monopolies, that left cryptocurrency optimists out. Arian’s priority is generating equal opportunities for all, granting independence and equal opportunities.

Possible appliances in the Internet of Things: The fulfilling of the most basic functions of any smart device connected to the internet can be quantified and encrypted to achieve goals and meet challenges, and consequently, be rewarded when being connected with our Arian Interactive Node.

Possible appliances for the PoAch


Playing for mining represents the fusion of two of the most outstanding activities in the world of technology today. Videogames have become in an impressive universe and, for many, they’re a lifestyle; mining is the way of entrepreneurship that sets the norm for many enthusiasts, and through the PoAch, it’s already possible for both trends to fuse and generate incomes for those who put them in practice. This is what we call Smart Interactive Mining.

Fitness will mean a healthy life and arian monetization

A healthy existence, based on exercise, will generate arian income, thanks to the most pure and direct appliance of the Proof of Work, in which the human-machine relationship is demonstrated, when the sensors in smart devices such as the Smartwatch Bracelet, which have our Proof of Achievement (PoAch), perform the reading of the effort made and count the results to reward the performer.

A smart house can generate income

Arian’s blockchain will make a house capable of applying Smart Interactive Mining. Any home device that has the necessary characteristics to connect to a Wi-Fi network is susceptible to generate income, adapting it to the PoAch that the Arian’s blockchain proposes, by only fulfilling its functions, will achieve a determined goal and will generate incomes.  Which is known today as Smart Home Devices, are allies for Arian to make this monetizing crusade that is the Internet of Things a reality.

Creating a community with the Rewards Challenge 

Arian wants to grow and form an immense and solid community of Arianminers, so it has created an attractive system in which profits are for all, the Rewards Challenge.

If an Arianminer recommends one or more of its contacts to download the Arian Interactive Node, will being generating several rewards in arians every time its referrals get a block mined. That is, every recommendation that produces a new Arianminer, will produce incomes in their wallet when the new user mines and these rewards will be generated at the moment of the block’s validation.

  • This system will have stages or periods with a determined time frame and variable reward percentages for every autonomous miner
  • The time frame of every stage or period will be determined by the number of mined blocks
  • Rewards are generated at the moment of the block’s validation
  • No Arianminer loses arians for the rewards that another Arianminer receives
  • Whoever refers a new user obtains a percentage of the reward that results in the block’s validation, without including transaction fees 

With this initiative we create another difference that strengthens our proposal, that aims specifically to the growth of the entrepreneur that trusts in Arian.

What we can conclude

Arian seeks justice and equity in the financial ecosystem, bringing a quantifiable, fully decentralized balance to the world. Based on the simplification of the processes, without complex equipment, avoiding exaggerated energy consumption. The Arian blockchain echoes the idea that people have the right to dispose of their assets, investments, and money without having to wait for third parties to intervene. This is the main objective, based on this simple premise: if there are effort and perseverance, rewards are achieved.

Arian’s blockchain rewards the effort and each one of its products aims to an independent economy for the Arianminer. With equal opportunities within a community that believes in the same principles we advocate for.
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