The implementation of Blockchain in the development of games hasn’t been explored totally yet, but there is a great variety of alternatives in which this technology could be applied

The incursion of the blockchain technology in the videogame industry 

The videogame development industry employs quite routinary and sequential protocols in the creation of its products, with a group of specific tools and frequently used special details. However, the developers of these technologies now have one in their hands with the power to transform the creation of games to superior scales. 

Relevant data reported by the videogame industry worldwide:

The implementation of Blockchain in the development of games hasn’t been explored totally yet, but there is a great variety of alternatives in which this technology could be applied beyond its use as a payment method to purchase videogames. 

Many videogame developers have explored the generation of games that can issue rewards for the participants, represented as cryptocurrencies quoted on the market such as Bitcoin, Ether, etc., to participate in the cryptocurrency industry movement, a market that moved around US$ 310 million dollars the first half of 2019. 

There are are many crypto-based game projects, although they got popular at the end of 2017 with the CryptoKitties, the game of raising cats which uses the Ethereum blockchain to trade and show the property of the owner, crypto-cats. However, the first game that could be called a crypto-game was Dragon’s Tale, conceived in 2010 by the developer Andrew Tepper, but launched in 2013, a massive, role-playing, multiplayer game online that allowed players invest real Bitcoin in a great variety of minigames that, although it just used Bitcoin as a virtual game chip, at least it demonstrated that the mix between cryptocurrencies and videogames could be carried out effectively. 

Later, other projects would be developed, such as Huntercoin by Xaya, before known as Chimaera, as a part of its first investigations, and launched in January 2014. It was the first to use an exclusive protocol for blockchain games, Proof of Play(PoP), which didn’t manage to consolidate considerably on the market, due to its crucial security failures. That same year, Motocoin would raise awareness, which, to many, was a pioneer, innovative, and even fascinating project, but its failure, just as Huntercoin, based on the insecurity of its design scheme, which led it to be invaded by bots that solved the puzzle much more efficiently than humans. 

Blockchain advantages and features for gamers and developers

The implementation of Blockchain in the development of videogames has several advantages, both for the developers and for the gamers, among them we can mention:

  • Decentralized exchange of assets 
  • Verifiable scarcity of virtual and collectible objects
  • Fast and secure payment networks 
  • Capability for the developers to duly monetize their creations
  • Blockchain to secure the commerce and use of resources and characters in the game, as, there’s a great market to trade characters, guns, and other implementations in multiplayer and role-play games
  • Payment method to purchase videogames
  • Creating and administrating currency accounts in videogames
  • When a player wins several rounds, stages, levels, and competitions, they can be rewarded with coins, gems, and other collectible elements with value in any game.
  • Considerable increase in the security conditions and trust in transactions made in the game. 

This aspect of asset trading in videogames, which can be anything, from game masks to virtual cards, part of a specific videogame and verifiably scarce, which has become a lucrative industry, with an estimated value of US$ 50 billion, which is expected to increase rampantly. Thus, securing this market with Blockchain could add transparency and security, making traps much more difficult, and potentially opening the gates to commerce and transactions between games. 

Recognized technology businesses have seen in blockchain a disruptive element for the videogame industry, Google and Samsung included. Another example of this is the fusion made by Forte, Xpring, and Ripple to create a US$10 million fund supporting game developers, which includes open-source solutions designed in collaboration with Ripple to go deeper in the Blockchain adoption in videogames. 

The difficulties of blockchain in videogames

The main obstacle that the intersection between blockchain and games faces is very clear, scalability. The same problem that this technology generally presents, in several implementations, which is directly related to the sustainability and utility of current blockchain-based games. The low speed of the network and lack of activity by the developer led many games to be mere interactions of popular mobile games or games centered in collectible.

This is one of the reasons why centralized games and platforms still have clear advantages over blockchain-based videogames at the moment. 

The Arian blockchain disrupting the videogame industry

The Arian blockchain presents at the time the only Human Mining proposal, through its Interactive Node integrated into a videogame denominated Find the Hash to mine arians. It also distinguishes for its PoAch consensus protocol because a conventional computer and the interaction with the human is enough to mine.

With the public presentation of Find the Hash, Arian Coin makes clear the possibility of participating in a videogame that gives rewards to crypto mining beyond a game, with a crypto-asset operating in the real world, participating in the transactions that are carried out daily in the digital economic ecosystem.

The video game industry is at an excellent moment, if you are an entrepreneur or you look to carry out a crypto investment after reviewing this article, you already know that the video game industry reaches revenues of billions of dollars and is led by proposals created for mobile and PC.

Arian is at its presale, so we invite you to visit our page and discover our proposal here, we’re sure that we’re the right offer for you.

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