A new protocol, a new mining system that doesn’t need expensive equipment nor consumes energy excessively, it’s definitely a currency accessible for everyone. 

A fresh but very complete proposal 

Developed under the innovative Arian blockchain and backed on the Proof of Achievement protocol, Arian Coin represents an attractive proposal with all the advantages expected by the crypto entrepreneurs.

Arian’s blockchain is decentralized mining within everyone’s reach, with access to the crypto-assets ecosystem for every entrepreneur that isn’t part of a farm or pool, without the need for specialized equipment, with a security level totally shielded that uses the symbiosis resulting from the human work with a conventional computer.

Arian intends to rescue the primary principle of cryptocurrencies, financial independence, and actual decentralization, through a fresh alternative within existing offers. This is a feature that has been slowly banishing with the appearance of mining pools that have become monopolizing entities in the crypto environment. 

We have a Blackpaper

Arian Coin wants to stand out from all the crypto-assets in every one of its facets, that’s why we don’t have a whitepaper that describes our proposals. Instead of it, we created our Blackpaper, where, in a fresh and straightforward way, with simple words and clear terms, we have presented a project that will seem incredible for many because promising that anyone can mine just by downloading the Arian Interactive Node in a basic computer and playing the game Find the Hash can seem pretty daring and hard to believe.

We put effort into developing our official website ariancoin.io to be quite dynamic, attractive, and easy to navigate, so it would be an invitation to know every detail of our proposal. We mostly focused on highlighting the Find the Hash videogame, a mining innovative tool developed by Arian and resulting to be very attractive for miners.

The Find the Hash videogame is an adventure that’s enjoyed at full speed inside a blockchain. Piloting a “Speeder” where the player runs through multicolored tunnels at an impressive speed, while facing obstacles in a race against time to collect the necessary bits to complete the hash and free the block, which must be achieved by the participant in less than 3 minutes. 

Arian transforms cryptocurrency mining

In each one of its aspects, Arian Coin is innovative, that’s why our Interactive Node has been created with special features, mostly to resolve one of the greatest disadvantages of cryptocurrency mining, excessive energy consumption. Additionally, the Arian Interactive Node eliminates the obstacle created by the need for expensive computing equipment and specialized software, which represents a high percentage of the costs of this activity.

As the team behind this proposal, we are sure to have achieved the necessary change that will put arians within everyone’s reach with a Smart Interactive Mining, as the Arian Interactive Node can be downloaded in any simple computer, it doesn’t require expertise on cryptocurrencies, and allows to start mining once the user has created the account, participating in the Find the Hash videogame. 

Whoever downloads the Arian Interactive Node and start mining won’t be a miner, but an Arianminer, and will belong to an exclusive community, will mine very easily while playing, and, additionally, will have access to several additional benefits and rewards based on the Rewards Challenge, a very attractive bonification system that promises to appreciate the ARIAN currency quickly within the crypto market.

Arian’s blockchain gathers all the necessary tools to change the game in the financial ecosystem of the new economy. A new protocol, new mining system that doesn’t need expensive investment in equipment nor consumes energy excessively, a currency accessible to everyone, without farms, pools, and that’s currently developing a product and smart devices line that’s going to transform the current concept of cryptocurrency mining.

Our projection to the future consists of a project much more ambitious, which involves the integration of the Arian blockchain to the Internet of Things, something really feasible thanks to the features of the Proof of Achievement, and will allow the ratification of the Smart Interactive Mining conditions of our proposal.

We invite you to download the Interactive Node to start mining as soon as possible and thus be part of this transformation in the digital world. Click here https://ariancoin.io/download-interactive-node/ and you can join our growing and promising community.

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