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With the use of our website and our subproducts, the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is generated, which are also applicable for our subdomains, for which you will need to state agreement and consent of these terms.

The civil capacity to contract and make contractual decisions is the main requirement for the use of our website, its functions and offered services.

In case that you are a minor you will not have full access to the services that we offer.

When using our website you are committed to and responsible of the use of our services and the implications of any kind that could come from said use. If you are in full disagreement with any of the conditions expressed in these Terms of Use we ask you right now to refrain from using our website partially or entirely, or to register as user.


All the inherent or related rights on contents, trademarks, logos, illustration, docummentation, computer programs or any other element susceptible of protection by the legislation in the matter of intellectual or industrial property, that are accessible in the portal correspond exclusively to Arian in relation to: (A) service marks, trademarks, trade names, commercial image, logos (and any derivations, modifications or adaptations thereof), internet domain names and Internet websites (and their content), and all requests, registrations, renewals and extensions thereof. (B) patents and patent applications, including all continuations, divisions, partial continuations and provisional patents and the issuance thereof, and all reissues, new examinations, substitutions, renewals and extensions thereof; (C) the author's rights, author's works and moral rights, and all the registrations, requests, renewals, extensions and reversions thereof; (D) confidential and proprietary information, trade secrets and non-public discoveries, concepts, ideas, research and development, technology, know-how, formulas, inventions (patentable or not and whether or not to the practice). These can not be used unless we authorize their legitimate holders in writing and all rights to them are expressly reserved.
In any case, the owners of all the rights over the contents, information, data and services held over them do not grant any license or authorization of use to the user about their contents, data or services, other than that expressly detailed in the present general conditions of use of the portal.


Our websites may be used in accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Use, so that it is within the provisions of the contract prohibitions. As follows:

- Access from any compatible device.
- Use it with non-exclusive, non-transferable or personal rights. We can grant the same permissions to other users.
- Make screenshots and videos of our website, share them on social networks, websites, insant messages or online videos; the intellectual property rights on the material that you publish will still be ours and we can revoke this permission at any moment, without right to any claim.


  • Alter, consolidate, modify, reproduce, simulate, copy, adapt or translate our website, as well as decompile or apply any reverse engineering, dismantle, reduce (partially or entirely) unless we have authorized you in writing to do so.
  • Make commercial use of our developments or our website unless you are linked to Arian, under certain conditions, for which you must have to have accepted the Terms and Conditions that regulate this contractual relationship.
  • Use our website for any other purpose that contravenes the image and good reputation of Arian.


  • We shall not be liable in case that the website does not work correctly;
  • We shall not be liable for direct and indirect damage that derive from th eincorrect use of our websites, and we will not be held responsible for any data or information loss in relation to the use thereof;
  • Our websites are offered exactly as they are available, without the guarantee of fulfilling any specific or different purpose as indicated above, and which is already in an adequate state of development;
  • We do not guarantee that our websites will be error-free, or that they work uninterrupted; and
  • We will not respond to third parties or to you for the suspension of the supply of the services of our websites originated in technical or operational failures beyond our control, nor those that escape our control such as power outages, equipment or computer program failures, or in general by events of force majeure or fortuitous event that may arise.