The Ariancoin video game brings fabulous surprises in its online store where you can beautify your ship and improve your game skills to be the winner in Find the Hash.Cubits for the Find the Hash Virtual Store

We have incredible news for all the fans of the Ariancoin video game, Find the Hash. This is characterized by being a game available to everyone where you can get cubits. The cubits are part of the code of a Hash that has not been mined by another person, in effect, a correct code that was not terminated. In addition, it is the virtual currency of the game Find The Hash, these will help you get: skin, effects and improvements on the ship. With them you can buy in the Workshop and the Store, the two future purchase sections of the Ariancoin video game.

The Ariancoin video game brings fabulous surprises in its online store where you can beautify your ship and improve your game skills to be the winner in Find the Hash. It is estimated that the opening of the Virtual Store will be in two months, and the first thing that will be available will be the Workshop.

Well, in order to you can understand how and in which things you are going to use the cubits in the Store we will give you an introduction to the game.The game is a competition for having a Hash, where each person who is competing goes through levels that are decrypting a piece of the Hash, to complete it you need to pass 8 levels, that is to say decrypt 8 parts of the code called Hash. In this way, only one player will be able to complete all the Hashs and earn the reward in arianes.

For the rest of the players that were competing, that part of the code becomes coins, that is, cubits. It means you will always make a profit.
You have three minutes to undermine, if at that time you do not succeed, or if another participant the race will close the block and it will start again. That is, if you die you have the opportunity to start a new game, and every time someone wins the game there is a block closure. The person who completes the game closes the block and starts a new one.

But now you can have access to cubits for having obtained the Hash fragments, and for this you must have been playing while the block was closed. For example:If a person was playing at level 6, and the block closed and did not reach to finish, all that advanced Hash fragment is analyzed by the game platform and become cubits.

You already know that each match has a maximum of three minutes, or until there is a winner. However, it is important to know that everyone wins, since although it is true that only one person can win the arianes while several play, the rest also get their cubits reward based on what they have advanced. We must emphasize that the cubit is exclusive to the game, Find The Hash.

Find the Hash Workshop

Now that we explain to you how the cubits work in the game, we will give you the details of the first section of the Store. ¿What is the Workshop?

You will wonder ¿what is the Workshop? They are sales of all the cosmetics of the game, this means that it helps you beautify the aesthetic part of the game. This one is going to take care of the effects in particles that the ship has.

In the workshop you will be able to buy six features:

  1. Choose the pilot of your choice in addition to the appearance. Change the skin of the pilot, change the skin of the ship and choose the pilot that best suits your tastes.
  2. Colorization in the ships.
  3. Colorization in the stele of the propellants, that is in the fire.
  4. Particle effect in the sliding of the propellants.
  5. Effects on the shield generation.
  6. Shooting, you can choose between lightning, a fireball or electricity.

All these fantastic purchases are permanent, that is, you will owns them forever.
As a second point we have the option to buy in the Store, this part is divided into two sections:

  • Improvements in the ship, last from the moment you activate it until you die, leave or get out the match, it means that they are not permanent and
  • Equipment that will give you advantages in the game to improve your chances of winning and at the same time offer you more burdens than you can use in a power and are permanent.

The equipment and refer to:

  1. Extra lives
  2. Extra bullets
  3. Extra shield charges
  4. Extra energy, which will help you speed up the game.

As for the improvements in the ship, it refers to:

  1. Reduction of loss of points per hit.
  2. Energy: when you acquire an improvement the percentage of energy gain per bit is increased (point you get to pass each level). When you recharge the energy you can accelerate, you go faster than others and recover your energy every time you grab a bit.
  3. Shield: The shields will last longer.
  4. Shot: Increase of several destructible obstacles.
  5. Powers: Duplicate the bits you choose. In other words, if I activate the improvement, I will no longer need to take a certain amount of bits, but half, since that is enough.

In addition to the powers you can get in the Store, you will also be able to reach the cubits through arianes. Everything you buy in the Store can be acquired through cubits and for this you must first buy the cubits or undermine them through the game.

It should be noted that everything you buy in the Store is consumable, and in the Workshop it is permanent as well as not altering the game.

Additional cubits

Everything that is in the store can be achieved by playing without investing a single penny, however it has a payment system to speed up the purchase process. The game is free to play, that is to say you can play without paying and you also win cubits (currency of the game), with it you can acquire everything in the store.

Get ready because Find the Hash is going to have a new update that will change the way you play, add enemies, new obstacles, characters, more customization items and new game mechanics. You can not miss any detail and be part of the crypto ecosystem that gives you profit and fun.

We invite you to keep an eye on this new update and live the ultimate adrenaline experience in a video game.

And if you are not yet part of this exciting and fun way to mine cryptocurrencies, we invite you to download the Arian Interactive Node here and enjoy this experience playing Find the Hash.

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