Arian has developed strategies so that the economic benefits aren’t limited to the participation in mining through Find the Hash

Arian is innovation in multiple aspects

The Arian blockchain represents an innovation in many regards. Beyond the transforming impact in the cryptocurrency industry, its objective is providing equal opportunities to all the participants in a medium where there are many disadvantagesdespite its decentralized nature. 

In spite of the fast growth of the digital economy and the percentage of earnings that investors register in this sector, regardless of its fluctuation, many people are hampered and hindered to participate, even when they want to be part of this transformation.

Most of the economic benefits resulting from cryptocurrency mining are in the hands of the mining hyper farms and mega pools, which have contributed to the loss of the decentralized nature of this technology.

The desire to break these impediments and allow many people the free and fair participation in this ecosystem is the greatest motivation of Arian Coin, that’s why the nature of its PoAch protocol is so important in order to empower the individual participation of a user through mining activities that don’t require an impossible effort, an exaggerated investment in expensive equipment or excessive energy consumption.

Making the Smart Interactive Node known 

Additionally, Arian has developed strategies so that the economic benefits aren’t limited to the participation in mining through Find the Hash, the game developed to mine arians. These benefits are accessible for everyone interested.

Considering that a crypto-community grows and develops as the digital asset that identifies it becomes increasingly popular, it’s necessary to make it known by those who are already part of it and have experienced its efficiency. This is why at Arian we have developed a benefit plan for all Arianminers that are interested in making this community grow. 

Our community will grow as more people know our Arian Coin cryptocurrency and participate in its mining. This is very easy to achieve, as the requirements to do so are very simple. Let’s remember that Arian Coin mining is very accessible thanks to the features of our Smart Interactive Node. 

Growing together

Our desire is to grow with our users through a system where the earnings are for everyone, which will work as follows: 

  • If an autonomous miner refers a contact or acquaintance to download the node, he or she will start generating several arian rewards every time the referrals mine a block, which means a reward of 10 arians. 
  • Every referral that produces a new autonomous miner will send a reward of arians to the referring miner’s wallet when the new users mines, which will be generated at the moment of the block’s validation within the chain.
  • This system will have stages or periods with a determined time lapse and variable reward percentages or every autonomous miner, which will be determined by the number of mined blocks.
  • The program is clear because the rewards are generated at the moment where the referring miner validates a block, not at the referring moment. Plus, no arianminer loses arians for the rewards that another miner receives. 
  • The rewards provided through this system don’t come from a pre-mined number of arians, but are generated by the protocol itself at the same time the new arianminer is rewarded. 

The rewards for referred miners are stipulated as a percentage over the prize that results from the block’s validation, and are assigned through the following figure: 

With this reward program we hope to accomplish a rapid growth but also organized, so that the more people download it and start mining, the more confident we are that we will achieve it. 

We invite you to watch for all the innovations that we will post regarding this Reward Challenge. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the Arianminer community. By just clicking on you can download the Arian Interactive Node, create the account and start mining. 


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