Arian's Blockchain calls on all Gamers around the world to be part of a crypto-miners' new generation.

The exciting and innovative Hash Race game is based on blockchain technology to make it more transparent and reliable. The game offers G-Miners endless opportunities to play and win the native ARIAN cryptocurrency, and start being among the first lucky ones to get a profit on the time they spend playing and having fun. You can be a part of this disruption in the blockchain world by becoming one of the first MILLION dollar Arian Blockchain Gamers.



The video game industry generates more than USD 152.1 billion a year and continues an explosive growth. The prestigious consulting firm GLOBAL DATA states that the industry will produce even more revenue over the next 20 years, projecting figures over $300 billion by 2025. Therefore, the decentralized governance of the ARIAN Blockchain selected HASH RACE as the first use case for the official implementation of the new consensus protocol Proof of Achievement (PoAch), and also to make profitable the efforts and accomplishments obtained by the crypto miners.

Enter the Gminer's World

As a result of the innovation proposed by Arian's Blockchain, the new G-MINERS are born. A disruptive alliance between the profitable Gamers' profession and the revolutionary Crypto miners' niche. Arian's G-MINERS are the new professional miners' Blockchain game.

To have security and profitability of the Arian Blockchain.

Make your leisure and entertainment time profitable.

Play and win crypto assets without investments.

Generate additional earnings in tournaments and events.

You never lose! Receive In-Game awards for every Arian's Blockchain mined.

Winning power-ups to increase the chances of mining a block.

Access to a channel for technical support and communication



Arian Interactive Node

Free access to Arian Blockchain and HashRace video game


Consult and transfer Arianes cryptocurrencies from your mobile device

Arian Ecosystem

A set of products and services available for ARN usability

Game  Features 


There are several customization elements to modify the characters' appearance and vessels in the game. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors for each one.

Customizable elements





Light marks

 Main Weapons


and many more...


The difficulty in the Blockchain's game track will test the reflexes and skills for any Gminer.

There are different challenges to overcome:


Enemies that intercept and follow.


Static and animated walls and objects.


Automatic weapons that shoot laser beams or missiles.


Vehicles that will eliminate a target with a firing weapon.


Areas that activate damage and slow down bombs.


For all Gminers to be more likely to get the reward for mining a block, there are many improvements in the form of Power-ups that will significantly help them overcome obstacles they must face in the track.

Power-ups allow:

  • Protect the player's points and life.
  • Easily let you get points at each level.
  • Expand the number of points on the track.

These can be acquired in the game's virtual store and through the chest boxes delivered daily.








To encourage growth and commitment in the G-MINERS community, we create different game challenges in which they must participate daily and meet different objectives.
The G-MINERS who reach the proposed objective in the game will be the winner of a HashBox as a reward for achieving it, and this introduces the possibility of receiving a free prize in the game system regardless of whether or not Blockchain blocks are validated.

Example of challenges:

Play 10 Blocks

Destroy 15 enemies

Getting a 5-bit streak

Get 1,000 score points


These are boxes holding rewards from the game's Store and Workshop. Among the awards you can get: Styles, Power-ups, Recharges, Miner Pass, Pass Creators, XP Cards, Cubits, etc.

Three types of boxes differ in their rarity and determine the number of objects that the G-miner can receive and are as follows:

Reward of 1 Item of 3 charges.

Rewards of 1 Item of 5 loads and 1 Item of 3 loads.

Rewards of 1 Item of 10 loads, 1 Item of 5 loads, and 1 Item of 3 loads.

The chance to get a unique case within a daily challenge increases to the Level of the G-Miner.


The Hash Race game has implemented a prestige system intending to build loyalty among its G-MINERS.
This prestige system allows users to obtain benefits in exchange for the time they invest in participating in the game.
Players are grouped within the prestige system into categories or ranks according to the skill demonstrated playing the game.

Benefits  of the Prestige System

The level each player occupies in the ranking list determine the prizes given by the Prestige System.

Decoration and visual effects

In the exclusive customization workshop, you can do changes or enhancements to the speeder for ornament and visual impact.

Daily HashBox

Every day, there will be the opportunity to win a prize (HashBox) within the game with useful rewards.

Reduced waiting time

The prestige level allows G-MINERS to enjoy a shorter waiting time in the ARIAN crypto mining.


The update of the Hash Race blockchain game offer new and different Airdrops that can be acquired by the G-MINERS depending on the prestige level of each player.


There are three types of rewards:


It is the reward or prize given to the winning miner of the competition to validate the blocks of the ARIAN Blockchain through the Hash Race game.

Reward: 10 Arianes.


The game allows G-MINERS who fail to validate blocks within the Blockchain to receive compensation for the time spent in the game.
Depending on the levels reached in the game, G-MINERS receive a reward named CUBITS, for their contribution to the security of the system and time invested in the Hash Race game.


The G-MINERS community has an additional benefit. They can increase their Ariancoin profits by sharing their experience as Gminer with others, and invite them to be the pioneers in the first application of the blockchain consensus protocol (PoAch) developed by Arian engineers.

Thanks to the Hash Race blockchain game and the "NETPLAY REWARD" program, you will be able to create a network of referrals that will help you to increase your earnings every time they manage to mine a block of the Blockchain. They may also have the opportunity to get the same benefits by using this protocol and inviting other gamers. The NETPLAY REWARD prize will help raise value for the ARIAN native cryptocurrency and produce a growing and thriving community of G-MINERS.

After downloading the Arian Interactive Node, the Gamer must set up an account and establish a password and assign an alias or pseudonym for it to address the referrals to the system and finally indicate the Alias of the person who is referring. With this information, the system will validate the links between accounts to deliver rewards to both parties, each time a Gminer of the team validates a block. These rewards will be awarded depending on the level where the participant's location.

and many  more


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