Privacy Policies

We are committed to the security of your data. In the following document, we provide information for you regarding the way we manage the information that you deliver to us, how we gather data, why we do it, in what way can you access to it and the schemes that we use to guarantee that your data is secure and protected. 

This information is implemented for all the apps and web portals of Arian, however, this Privacy Policy can change over time or be updated, for which we emphasize that you check this site continuously  to make sure that you agree with such changes.

What information do we gather?

The information that can be gathered by our website is data that you subminister directly, be it when you sign in or use our apps, data that can refer to your personal information like your name, address, phone, ID, country, city, residence address, and email.

Additionally, we gather information related with the use of our product, regarding the devices and computers from which you access our digital platform, such as operating system, hardware version, configuration, serial number, information about the Internet connection if necessary, language, time zone, IP address, cookies, among others.

Use of the information gathered

  • Our websites use information with the intent of providing the best service possible, particularly to keep a record of users and improve the quality of our products and services, making transactions more secure and effective.
  • Equally, with the intent of fully complying with the agreements settled with the users and complementing the necessary information to manage the requests, claims, and complaints that can come out and lead them to the areas responsible of issuing the corresponding answers. 
  • This information also facilitates us the making of market studies, statistics, surveys, market trends analysis, surveys on satisfaction surveys about our products and helps us manage the fulfillment of our tax obligations and commercial, corporate and accounting records.
  • Likewise, these data could be shared with service companies or outsourcing businesses, that contribute to improve or facilitate our activities among which are payment methods or intermediaries of the payment management. We are committed to making sure that the policies of third parties have similar standards than our Data Policy, through the sign of agreements, conventions and/or contracts.
  • Accordingly, this information helps us subminister personal data from users to the entities that can intervene in the resolution of conflicts and have the competence for that. 
  • In the case that we need to process your information for another purpose not contemplated in our Policy, we will ask your authorization for it.

You are the owner of your information and have rights over it

We want to guarantee you that as the owner of these data you can have access to them at every moment so you can: 
  • Know, update, and rectify your personal data.
  • Present requests regarding the way your personal data has been used.
  • Revoking the authorization and/or requesting the suppression of the data when, in the processing, the principles, rights, and warranties of this Policy aren’t respected 
  • The request for the suppression of the information and revoking the authorization will not proceed when you as the owner have a legal duty or contract of remaining in the database or when we have the legal duty or contract of continuing with the processing.

With this Policy, we want to guarantee you that any information that you have subministered will keep private and secured. To attest this, in this document we provide the details of what information we collect and in what way do we use it. We never gather information without your previous and informed explicit consent, unless there is a fair and due legal reason for it. 

We too have duties as responsible for the processing of your information

  • Guarantee to the owner, at all times, the full and effective exercise of the full and effective exercise of the right of habeas data to consult and make claims about your information.
  • Requesting and keeping a copy of the respective authorization that as the owner has provided us. 
  • Duly inform you as the owner about the purpose of the data gathering and the rights that assist you on the virtue of the granted authorization. 
  • Keeping your information under necessary security conditions to prevent its adulteration, loss, consultation, use or access not authorized or fraudulent.
  • Update the information, and thus handle all the news regarding the owner’s data. Additionally, all the necessary measurements for the information to keep updated must be implemented. 
  • Rectify the information when it is incorrect and communicate what is relevant.
  • Respect the security and privacy conditions of the owner's information.
  • Process inquiries and claims formulated in the terms in accordance with this Policy.
  • Inform the data protection authority when there are violations of the security codes and there are risks in the administration of the information of the owners.
  • We will use the personal data of the owner only for those purposes for which we have been authorized and respecting in all cases the current regulations on the protection of personal data.

How can you exercise your rights over the data we gather about you?

You can exercise your rights to the email ______________________________
At any moment you can restrict the gathering or use of the personal information that is provided to our websites.

About personal data of minors

Our services are only available for those who have the legal capacity to make a contract. Therefore, those who do not meet this condition will have to abstain of subministering personal data to be included in our databases and surroundings. It can only be done through parents, guardians, custodian, or any legal representative duly accredited for a just and due legal reason to act on their behalf.
The processing of children and/or adolescent’s personal data that are not of public nature will comply with the following parameters and requirements in their processing:
  • That responds and respects the best interests of children and adolescents.
  • That the respect of their fundamental rights is ensured.
  • That the opinion of the minor be valued when it has the maturity, autonomy, and capacity to understand the matter.
With the prior requirements fulfilled, we will request authorization for the data processing to the representatives of the children or adolescent.

When we don’t need your authorization to subminister personal data

We don’t need your authorization in the following cases: 
  • When the information is required by a public or administrative entity while exercising their legal functions or by a warrant.
  • When the data is of public nature.
  • In cases of medical or health urgency
  • When we are dealing with information authorized by law for historical, statistical, or scientific purposes.

Database validity

The databases will have a validity equal to the period in which the purpose or purposes of the processing are maintained in each database.

Any substantial modification to this Policy will be communicated before implementing said change to the owners through our website or any other mechanism that is valid.