The Human - Machine Symbiosis Cryptomining

Arian's Blockchain, to offer security and sustainability to solve the current problems of the crypto world, has developed a hybrid system, implementing the best characteristics of 2 worlds: PoW (proof of work) and the Proof of Play. As a result, the birth of a unique and exclusive protocol named: Proof of Achievement offer productivity, fun, diversification, profitability, and sustainability to the community and its network.

The main innovation and relevant feature introduced by the Proof of Achievement Protocol is the human-machine symbiosis. This proposal enhances the interaction of a crypto miner with a device to win the validation of the blockchain blocks. That is, with PoAch, the ability and skill are more important than the capacity of the equipment he uses to mine.

The PoAch system adopts one of the main features of the Proof of Work (PoW) protocol: using the computing power of a CPU for the block validation process, with the difference that it doesn't need to use sophisticated equipment, thus minimizing energy consumption. Another element it adopts is the utmost security against attacks and cyber hackers due to the decentralization and military-grade encryption that is present throughout the Blockchain. In the second case, the PoAch system extracts the interactive element of Proof of Play (PoP), i.e., the protocol's ability to notify that the node found a hash once the user reached the goal through a video game.

The potential of this unique protocol is unlimited: Intelligent garage doors, garden sensors, bracelets, sportswear, dog wearables, collaborative robots, drones, are some of the many products that can be connected to the blockchain node and will be able to generate crypto gains through the fulfillment of the basic activities of a device.

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Arian has implemented the advanced encryption algorithm AES-256 to guarantee the security of the blockchain. An algorithm that since 2006 has become one of the most popular protocols used in symmetric cryptography, which is why it has been declared sufficiently secure for use in classified and unclassified information by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

AES 256-25
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