In Arian Coin we continue to evolving, thinking about the comfort of our users, we change to improve !!

On this occasion we have made updates to our Interactive Node, within the options in the Menu there is now the Mobile Wallet option, you only need to scan the QR code with your smartphone (compatible with Android).

Start now to enjoy the advantages of the Arian Wallet App and if you want to import your account follow this quick guide:

  • Download and install the Arian Wallet App from your smartphone in Google Play Store (Android compatible)
  • In the ACCOUNTS option press the light blue plus (+) button located at the bottom.
  • Then, Select the IMPORT ACCOUNT button.
  • Enter your account password
  • The SCAN QR option will be activated in light blue color, grant the respective permissions of your phone. 
  • Now from the Arian Interactive Node go to the Menu.
  • Select Mobile Wallet.
  • Again, go to the Wallet App and press the SCAN QR button.
  • Focus the QR code you want to scan, hold your smartphone for two or three seconds without moving it and that is it, your account has been linked. 

This update is not mandatory, so your node will not be affected if you do not carry it out.

Update your node so you can enjoy these innovations, you can do it here, and continue generating profits with Arian Coin.

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