This document will help you understand how Arian´s Wallet and their new optimizations work. The ARIAN blockchain facilitated transactions and exchanges, through these three types of wallets availables to the user:

  • Arian´s Web Wallet
  • Arian´s Wallet App (App for the Android system)
  • Interactive Node Wallet

ARIAN´S Wallet restructuring

The security processes were optimized, and there are two categories:
  • G – Wallet
  • C – Wallet


Arian´s G-Wallet is already launches and is used by G-Miners for the ARN mining through blockchain game, those who win in the game wille manage their funds in this G-WALLET through two channels: 

  • From the Arian Node.
  • From the Arian Club.

They will be able to verify and analyze balances, addresses, transaction history and have the opportunity to be winners of the random reward delivered by Arian´s blockchain when no G-MINERS validate the block or there are no winners in the blockchain game. Also, they have the option to transfer balances to other G-WALLETS, except for C-WALLETS.


In the “WALLET” option of the Arian system, you will find the C-WALLET sub-section.

In the “WALLET” option of the Arian system, you will find the C-WALLET sub-section.
The C-WALLET will be used by the A-MINERS, who are active members of the ARIAN Club as Early Adopters.
This wallet will have more functions to understand the daily movements of the Early Adopters plans, such as commissions, exchanges, Agile Staking, and all transactions. In the Arian´s blockchain Block Explorer you will be able to verify all the data as a measure to increase the transparency and decentralization of the network.

Within the C-WALLET, there are two categories: 

Agile Staking: In it, you will be able to consult the Arian in holding , starting date, finish date, cryptos transferred, exchanged, and available balance. You are free to manage these funds, as you consider. The funds are consulted in dollars and ARN.

Commission: These are the bonuses or commissions generated by the ARIAN Club; such as direct sales and the binary bonus. Data to check in the dashboard are: total earned; total transferred, total exchanged, and total available all in real-time, and verified in the public block explorer. 

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