The Leaderboard is a list with the Top 10 Gminers. With this tool, the user’s progress is measured at a group level. In this list, you will see the progress of all users in ranking mode, placing the first at the beginning and consecutively.

Besides, in the Leaderboard, we will observe the improvements of each Gminer in different game levels, and motivate them to reach a better place in the podium. Thereby promoting a healthy competition among the Gminers and, at the same time, boosting the performance of specific actions inside the Hash Race Blockchain Game.

The Leaderboard is divided into three different categories:

  • Highest number of mined ARIAN globally
  • Highest number of mined ARIAN monthly
  • Amount of accumulated experience


With the implementation of the Leaderboard, events such as:

    • Cosmetic award for being in any Top 10
    • Monthly prizes to those who are in the first three places on the podium
    • Tournament’s invitation according to the top 10 ranking.

HashRace: Workshop

Workshop de Hash race

In the Hash Race blockchain game workshop, you will have the possibility of acquiring digital assets that could be used to customize different elements within the game.

These items can be paid with in-game tokens called Cubits or with the native ARIAN cryptocurrency.

The digital items in the game store are cosmetic types. These once acquired will remain indefinitely in each Gminers’s account to be used at any time.

Each product is sold individually, although, for viewing them, they are arranged in groups depending on their representation. You will preview it before purchasing it.

The workshop is organized into five different categories:

Racer: Costume for the HashRace characters.

Speeder: Visual style of the ship. This includes the finish body, color of the flame of the thrusters, and the particles’ effect in the displacement.



Weapon: Different models, each with various styles and colors, and with a unique projectile type.

Weapon, Hash race


Soundtrack: Musical theme of the game that is used as background audio during the competition.

Soundtrack, hash race


Pose: Static or animated pose of the Gminer character that performs as a celebration after each victory.

Personajes Hash Race


We invite you to stay connected with us through our official channels to update the latest news about the Blockchain Game HashRace.

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