Arian expects the cryptocurrency mining to be as accessible as it can be for the miner, as well as to be carried out without so much trouble.

The Blockchain technology originated after several attempts while looking for the decentralization of money and making the financial system stop being ruled by controlling entities like governments and banks who had absolute power after the arrival of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in 2008, which led to other use cases with this technology.

A technology of multiple applications

Blockchain is one of the most innovative technologies in the past times, it generates infinite possibilities of implementation in several areas of life, economy, sciences, administrative processes, etc. 

However, these application possibilities are still being investigated by those who aim to develop technologies where blockchain represents a total disruption in the way how all the processes that make possible the activities of society are carried out today. 

The videogame industry has always been a field that’s at the cutting edge regarding technology. In fact, many technological advancements of daily life have emerged from the developments of this industry. And it hasn’t stayed behind with Blockchain, as this technology aims to be a revolutionary trend in the way videogames are created and executed.

Arian and videogames

We have seen in Blockchain a powerful tool to create videogames to work as secure tools, so our main goal is to develop mechanisms that allow our users to access the cryptocurrency economy securely and fairly.  

This is why our first tool for the Arian Coin mining is Find the Hash, a videogame created to give the sensation of running through a blockchain on a race at full speed, where the participant competes with other players to achieve the goal of finding the hash, validating the block and obtaining arians as a reward.

The reason why the Arian Coin mining is possible through the participation in a game is the features of the Arian blockchain, especially the Proof of Achievement (PoAch) protocol, the protocol that we have developed in order to give greater relevance to the user’s interaction with their device, and in which we have potentialized the proof of participation in a game of the Proof of Play protocol, in order to make it more productive.

The Arian Interactive Node

Arian expects the cryptocurrency mining to be as accessible as it can be for the miner, as well as to be carried out without so much trouble, as it would be to need specialized equipment or excessive knowledge, which is why the development of the Arian Interactive Node has unique features that let it be downloaded in any conventional computer.

This node allows the integration of several activities with the fulfillment of goals that result in the validation of blocks of the blockchain, videogames in this case, that can be registered, verified, and rewarded through the PoAch protocol.

Find the Hash is only the first of these games with which an arianminer can carry out cryptocurrency mining effectively and securely, where the only investment is your device, the minimum energy and time requirement, and your skills. 

Thanks to the Interactive Node and its PoAch protocol, Arian Coin has a future projection of cryptocurrency mining incursion through many other activities and devices, among which are smartphones, in order to achieve the implementation of mobile mining. Likewise, this projection includes the possibility of operating through the Internet of Things using ordinary household devices, which will surely show the effectiveness of Smart Interactive Mining.

We invite you to be part of this revolutionary way of mining now. Become an Arianminer now and experience mining with Find the Hash by just downloading the Interactive Node here

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