One of the best and most outstanding features of the Arian Interactive Node is that it consumes minimal energy levels, as it does not require high computing power or specialized hardware

What is a node?

To understand how our Interactive Node works, having some concepts clear is necessary, these will surely facilitate identifying the differences and advantages of the product.  

When talking about nodes, we refer to a point where other related points converge and communicate with each other. This definition can apply in science and other disciplines, and specifically the technological sector. A node is a point, moment, or space where all the elements of a network with similar features match and interact. These elements are also nodes and have the capacity to relate in a hierarchical way in a network.

In terms of programming and internet networks, every computer or device able to execute this hierarchical interrelationship and which is connected to others is an element of a linked list, and all of them become a node, working as active components of the network.

There are different types of nodes, but in this case we are referring to one that is related to the mining nodes, and in a blockchain context, it refers to a computer or device in which the software of a cryptocurrency has been downloaded to participate in the peer-to-peer network, the basis of a blockchain.

If we were to explain in detail what is a mining node, we would say that is the one that contributes to the network in deciphering the algorithm necessary to “validate” the transactions block and confirm it, producing new cryptocurrencies during the process.

Therefore, a validation node is a node that validates information, makes sure that is real, and then passes information to other nodes, which will allow the transfer of values from one place to another. Mining nodes are, definitely, a subset of the validation nodes.

Having clear the concept and meaning of what a node is, we want to present you one of the creations, that make us proud of the talented programmers of the Arian blockchain, the Arian Interactive Node. 

The Arian Interactive Node

First of all, we highlight that we have created this node with special features, with the intent of correcting a worrying problem: the high energy consumption that was needed for mining cryptocurrencies, as it required numerous and expensive software and hardware. Every mining farm created counted with a great number of computers working at the same time, to get the block’s validation, mining cryptocurrencies, which translated into a critical amount of environmental pollution and, plus, huge expenses in electric billings for miners/farmers. We are talking about the past because today that equipment is not necessary, thanks to this node’s friendly design.

When downloading and installing the Arian Interactive Node, the Arianminer will discover the videogame Find the Hash, another creation of the Arian blockchain, which is our proposal to carry out mining in a Smart Interactive way, and overall really fun. Traveling at full speed inside the blockchain, fragments are collected to complete the hash and validate the block. Adrenaline affordable with arians, this is the result of playing while mining with Arian.

Among other outstanding features about the Arian Interactive Node we have to mention that there is a variable level of difficulty determined by the number of nodes connected in other protocols, but our node fixed this, which notoriously facilitates mining. In the Arianblockchain we don’t want miners frustrated for not achieving their objectives, we want enthusiastic Arianminers for the achievements they obtainwhile mining.

The effectiveness for mining while playing Find the Hash will depend exclusively on the skills of the Arianminer, which will have a maximum time frame of 3 minutes to close the block in order to achieve its objective. In other protocols, the time and opportunity would depend on the number of nodes in the blockchain.

One of the best and most outstanding features of the Arian Interactive Node is that it consumes lowenergy levels, as it does not require high computing power or specialized hardware. A conventional computer or any other device is enough for mining, while other nodes need high energy consumption, as they demand a great amount of computing power for mining.

Another advantage the Arian Interactive Node provides is that, unlike other nodes that require average knowledge regarding the cryptocurrency world, you only need to download ours, sign up and start playing and having fun, while mining arians.

Innovating to differentiate ourselves from other blockchains is what characterizes us; that’s why we put special effort into every product we provide to our users, we bring special attention. We created a unique protocol, the Proof of Achievement, which remarkably stands out within the mining ecosystem by its exceptional conditions, with the simplest application of the human-machine symbiosis, and in order to demonstrate our protocol’s reliability, we designed the Arian Interactive Node that grants the user independence, as he or shegets to seethe time spent monetizedwhenever the user gets a block validated.

Download your Arian Interactive Node, join the Arianminers community and experience for yourself the transformation of the blockchain world. Go to for mining arians while playing Find the Hash.

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