With the presentation of our version of the Interactive Node for Mac, there will be many more crypto entrepreneurs that can be linked to this growing community of arianminers

Arian is constantly evolving

At Arian we are constantly evolving and we want to inform you that we have developed the version of our Intelligent Interactive Node for Mac.
Our desire is to give many people the opportunity to be part of the digital economy through cryptocurrency mining, through access to the Arian Interactive Node, for which it is only necessary to download it to any conventional computer.

The Arian node has been developed with special features in order to overcome the worrying problem of excessive energy consumption as well as the loss of centralization in the performance of many blockchain products.

For this, the Arian blockchain has its innovative PoAch protocol, which thanks to its main feature, the human machine symbiosis, allows the execution of intelligent mining through the maximum use of the interaction between the miner and his team.

The interactive node of Arian has integrated the game Find the Hash, another creation of the Arian blockchain, our proposal to carry out mining in a smart interactive way and above all very fun.

With Find the Hash, anyone can execute arian mining by participating in a race, in competition with other miners, in which different pieces must be collected to form the hash and achieve the validation of a block of the chain, resulting Victorious the player will be rewarded with 40 arians sent to his Arian wallet.

The Interactive Node is now available for Mac

For Arian it is very satisfying to know that with the presentation of our version of the Interactive Node for Mac, there will be many more crypto entrepreneurs who can link to this growing community of arianminers and start enjoying the benefits and profit opportunities offered by Arian Coin.

Once again Arian reaffirms its main objective of generating opportunities to enjoy the financial benefits that the crypto ecosystem provides, that are accessible to all, and in this way contributing to true economic decentralization.

Don’t wait any longer and become an arianminer by downloading the interactive node here https://ariancoin.io/descargar-nodo-interactivo/ participate in Find the Hash and get your winnings in arianes while having fun.

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