We want to invite you to increase your profits in arianes with your participation in the Reward Challenge, a benefit plan for all Arianminers who are interested in growing this community

Its great that you’re an Arianminer!

Arian continues to prove to be a safe and reliable blockchain in all its offers, especially in ensuring accessibility to smart cryptocurrency mining with Find the Hash.

If you have already experienced this reality, you have become in one of our valuable Arianminers, which with its participation in the mining of Arian Coin contributes to the security and decentralization of the Arian blockchain. But the most important thing is that surely you are already receiving your rewards in arianes for it.

That this is an opportunity to thank all our users for the trust and credibility they have placed in this unique and innovative cryptocurrency smart mining proposal and in all the alternatives to obtain greater profits that are generated around Arian, a set of strategies for that the economic benefits are not limited to the participation of mining through Find the Hash.Share the Arian Interactive Node, and increase your arianes

This time we want to invite you to increase your profits in arianes with your participation in the Reward Challenge, a benefit plan for all Arianminers who are interested in growing this community.

The growth of a crypto community occurs to the extent that more people know about the Arian Coin cryptocurrency and participate in its mining. This growth contributes to achieving the scaling that a digital asset needs to be recognized and gain attractiveness in the ecosystem, and thereby increase its value and the benefits it provides to its owners.

Our desire in this aspect is to grow by the hand of our users through a system that allows them to increase their profits in arianes and contribute to the growth of our community in a benefit for all.

But, how does this Reward Challenge work? Relax, it’s very simple!

If you, as Arianminer, recommend a contact or a person that you know to download the Interactive Node, you will start generating different rewards in arians each time your recommended ones manage to undermine a block, within a fairly attractive scalable reward plan.

Rewards Challenge is organized by stages or periods with a specific duration and varying percentages of rewards for each autonomous miner, which will be determined by the number of mined blocks. The profits you get from the mining carried out by your recommended ones are deposited in your wallet when the recommended miner achieves the validation of a block within the chain.

However, it is necessary for the referring Arianminer to be clear that the rewards are generated at the moment when the referenced miner validates a block, and not at the time of the reference, in addition, no miner loses arians for the rewards that another receives.

The rewards granted through this system do not come from a pre-mined amount of arians, but are generated by the same protocol at the same time that the new Arianminer is rewarded.

And now,  are you ready to participate and increase your profits in arianes?

Reward Challenge is one more opportunity that Arian gives you to increase your earnings and continue enjoying the advantages of being an Arianminer. Learn the details of this offer by clicking here https://ariancoin.io/rewards-es/

And if you, who have the opportunity to read this article, are not yet part of this revolutionary alternative of digital economy, we invite you to meet Arian Coin, and download the interactive node here https://ariancoin.io/descargar-nodo-interactivo/, with which you can play Find the Hash and start enjoying the benefits of being an Arianminer.

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