Since June 4 of 2019, the version 1.2.0 of the Arian Interactive Node is available, you can download it on Remember to always visit the official channels to stay updated with the news and updates.

What’s new in this update?

  • New Connection Confirmation on the game, we attached a new indicative bar that will be visible while the Node and the game are synchronizing (Preparing Game), the playing button will be available after the synchronization.
  • If there was a connection error, the icon will change to one that indicates “Connection Lost”, allowingyou to try again through the Retry button.
  • We integrated an alert, with which the Node will verify that your version is updated.
  • If your version is not updated, the Node will not work and you will see a message telling you to download the latest version to continue by clicking on the Download button. 

News in Find the Hash

Within the updates made to the game, we eliminated the cool down to use abilities and replaced them for charges.  To give more emotion to the challenge, we added new mobile structural obstacles that change position and also rotate within the blockchain track.

On the other hand, now you can use the Flip without cool down and we set up the speed for each Speeder model, we also restructured the modules (powers) and eliminated the Vortex and Slowtime. From now on, each speeder will have 2 modules (powers): Laser Missiles and Shield Field.
As a plus, if you visit the tutorials section, you will find new statistic charts with the abilities of the speeders. 

What happens if I don’t update my Arian Interactive Node? 

You won’t be able to mine, that is, the versions prior to the 1.2.0 won’t work. For this reason, it will be impossible for you to play and mine.

Will there be more updates?

There will be programmed updates if it’s necessary, stay informed in our official channels.

Where can I go to clarify my doubts?

Go to our website, there you will have access to the Arian Forum [], our Arian Support chat, that can help you clarify any concern you may have.

Also, visit our official channels: 








email: [email protected]

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