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Arian continues to work and drive its goal of creating a digital ecosystem based on disruptive Blockchain technology for our G-miners community. The developer team has worked hard to implement and refine the hashRace in-game virtual store, and lead the revolution that will drive the usability and massive adoption of the Ariancoin cryptoasset.

The distinctive feature of the new HashRace blockchain game is its virtual store. There are several types of assets in it that represent any item that is used within the game for having an advantage or making a profit. These digital assets can be acquired using as a means of payment the game’s token called Cubits, or Ariancoin, the ARIAN ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency.

Items sold in the store are consumable, which means that after activating them, they will disappear from the Gminer’s inventory after spent or used. Each asset comes in packages containing a specific quantity and a discount based on its value; it goes between 10% to 30% of the asset’s unit value. The store is organized into four different categories, all of them cover the consumables purchased in HashRace:


Upgrades are enhancements to the main features of each vessel, life, damage, and speed. These are managed before starting the game and set the initial settings for each player. Upgrades are divided into three categories, each representing a feature:


Upgrade Tienda Virtual Hash Race


Each of these features is enhanced by completing a specific level. The game gives free the first level in each of these categories, ensuring that you can play without using any upgrade. A maximum of four levels could be reached for each type consumed from the inventory.

As the level of a feature is raised through the Upgrades, the ships’ performance about that feature will increase significantly, thus ensuring a competitive benefit for the Gminers.

Upgrade’s Benefits:

  1. Heart: Each level adds a life point, which serves to keep you active in the game.
  2. Attack: Each level increases the distance and frequency of fire to destroy enemies and obstacles.
  3. Speed: Each level increases the speed of horizontal movement to avoid enemies and obstacles.

Upgrades also depend on the speeder model used, these are:


Speeder “Starlight”

Speeder “Monarch”

Speeder “Sparrow”

Speeder “Glitch”


They are enhancers and give special skills within the game to better get the reward for block mining.

Cures one point of the Speeder’s life and allows you to reach the final goal.
Boost your energy! Power the projectiles fired by the Speeder for a few seconds, causing them to destroy any target they hit.
Boost the speed of the Speeder for a few seconds and make you invincible against other competitors.
Fire a missile that follows the path of the target and destroys it to boost your proficiency level.
Create a shield that protects you against any impact for a few seconds and thus maximizes your potential in the bock mining.
Pull the bits on the route to the Speeder for a few seconds.
Slow down the movement of all the elements of the race track for a few seconds to avoid obstacles or enemies.













In addition to quantity-based product packages, the Hash Race store also offers them by category. These bring together all the different products in each kind so that the user can purchase them quickly. There are two types of packages with this modality:

Starter PackThis pack is for the new Gminers, who are starting to have a first approach to the game and want to try the different items.



Pro Package: This package is for Gminers who want a complete in-game experience so, they must purchase all the products at a better price



The Miner Tools provide benefits over block mining mechanics, and one miner tool can be added per game. Its use is configured before starting the game. It is consumed from inventory.

It allows the player to have the ability to mine a block even with the Mining Recovery Time active. Mining Recovery Time (MRT) is the recovery time a node needs to enable mining after the player has won a block reward.
Reduces the Mining Recovery Time granted when mining a block.
Create a Miner Pass after completing a mission. The mission is to participate in 10 block sessions.

Add 100 experience points to the player profile! Experience is necessary to gain prestige. A mission must be finished: To participate in 10 block validations.
















It is the Hash Race Blockchain Game’s internal token, and it is used to buy the different digital products it offers.

Cubits’s Package





We are sure that Blockchain Technology will have the most significant impact in the coming years and has enough potential to drive a profound and positive change.

That is why our ARIAN dev is building an environment that is part of an entire ecosystem designed to boost a high position in the Ariancoin cryptocurrency. HashRace is one of the fundamental elements of this digital environment.

This goal is possible thanks to ARIAN’s high usability projection within the commercial ecosystem, which guarantees high sustainability of its market CAPITALIZATION and makes it particularly attractive for the Gminers community.

We invite you to stay connected with us through our official channels to update the latest news about Blockchain Game HashRace.


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