The possibility of mining Arians (ARN) in each match is completely free. However, to democratize everyone’s opportunities to reap the rewards, there will be restrictions after each block mining.

This restriction consists of a time needed to pause and re-enable the free mining function. 

The time of the restriction will depend on each gamer’s prestige. The higher the prestige level, the less time it takes to re-enable the free mining option.

The mining’s temporary restriction would be bypassed using a MinerPass, which can be purchased from the Hash Race Blockchain store with Cubits. Cubits are earned for free by merely playing Hash Race.

Being restricted from mining does not prevent you from playing HashRace. On the contrary, you will continue playing and accumulating Cubits and prepare for the next match with the free mining option active.  

Can I earn rewards with the Disabled mining option?

Miners who are limited by mining restriction can participate in the generation of the blocks but will not validate them.

The miner who completes the game with the mining disabled feature will receive the respective reward in Cubits, instead of ARN. The blockchain game will prize them with a HashBox that will be added to their inventory.

The gamers will participate as many times as they wish. Each time they complete the levels, they will have a HashBox as a reward until their mining downtime ends.

Miner Game Tools:

The Miner Tools are assets that will facilitate the mining process. They can be purchased in the game’s blockchain store or randomly received within a HashBox.

There are two types of MinerTools: the MinerPass and ChronoMiner that will help the player fight directly with the temporary disabling feature

El número de cambios permitidos van desde 0 a 2 y depende del rango del jugador, cada 24 horas se puede renovar el número de cambios de misiones permitidos.

What is a MinerPass?

The MinerPass is a consumable item that offers the possibility to continue mining while the player is with the mining feature disabled. This item is activated at the beginning of the game. Its duration is when it ends, regardless of the result achieved by the player.

This item can be used in each game when mining is disabled to have the opportunity to win the reward of a block in the game. However, it is only allowed once for each disabled mining period.

Once the block is completed with an active MinerPass, the gamer will validate the block and will receive the reward in ARN. However, mining with the MinerPass is only allowed once for each disabled mining period.

No additional time restrictions will be added to players who mine using MinerPass.

What is a ChronoMiner?

The ChronoMiner is a consumable item that reduces mining recovery time as the player completes the block.

This item is consumed at the beginning of each game, and its effect ends when it completes.

This miner tool should be used only if the player does not encounter in an established mining recovery time.

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