The missions are challenges that are awarded to gamers every day. Meeting daily trials is n-game rewarded. The prize delivered for the fulfillment of missions is a HashBox.

This award is configurable so it can be adjusted depending on the need, for example:

*Receive a Speeder Skin for completing a mission

*Receive a Miner Pass for the fulfillment of a mission

The missions are divided into categories, which indicate the type of action to perform.

There are two kinds of missions: Permanent and Temporary

  • Permanent: do not have an expiration date  
  • Temporary: have a deadline to execute

This latter may be used in events or promotions and can be combined with the type of award received, for example:

Name: Christmas mission

Description: Collect 10,000 Bits

Type: Temporary – Until December 25

Reward: Android Christmas Skin

Every 24 hours, each player gets a new mission. This will be saved in his profile, depending on the availability of the stack. The missions can be stacked up to a maximum of 3 depending on the rank of the gamer.

A mission must be completed to free up space of the stacks. This way, it will disappear from the available ones. Missions that cannot be stacked because they exceed the number of available player stacks will be lost.

In summary, the missions can be carried out on different days since they are stored in the goal record feature to mitigate the player’s pressure to complete them the same day.

You can have up to three active missions simultaneously, that is, missions that have not been completed and are in the process of being completed. From the fourth day on, it will lose missions because of the full-stack, meaning plenty of them in the goal stack.

The Mission Pool randomly delivers daily challenges.

The active mission category cannot be repeated because they are excluded from the Daily Mission Pool when granting a new daily challenge. You can request to change any mission available. This means receiving a different one.

The number of times the mission changes can be claimed depends on the amount allowed to each player

The number of changes allowed ranges from 0 to 2 and depends on the player’s rank. Every 24 hours, you can renew the number of mission changes allowed.




It is the name by which the treasure chests (loot box) are called in the Hash Race Blockchain Game.

The rewards that these chests contain are consumable items in the online store or cosmetic items from the in-game workshop.

There are 4 types of HashBox which determine the quantity and rarity of items delivered:

HashBoxes are obtained in three ways:


  1. For completing a daily mission, you get one HashBox.
  2. For completing the game in the blockchain world, one HashBox is acquired.
  3. Purchasing them in the HashBox section paying with Cubits.


Important: You may cancel the delivery of a HashBox depending on the rank of the miner.

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