The video game industry, in constant and exponential growth, project profits of more than 196 billion USD in 2020, positioning and reaffirming every year its consolidation, in a market that does not stop growing and gets more value. Numbers do not lie: in 2017 video games generated around 108 billion dollars, in 2018, 138 billion dollars and in 2019, 153 billion apox., capturing the attention of big investors and technology tycoons, as well as professional gamers.

These data confirm that video games are a mega industry, in the full sense of the word, with revenues that exceed sectors such as music (20 billion dollars in 2019) and cinematography (about 100 billion dollars in 2019). Besides, the crisis that the world is living, because of the covid 19 pandemic, reaffirms its strong projections, since the social isolation has triggered a dramatic increase in home base business and digital entrepreneurship.

Therefore the increase and recognition of gamers worldwide is a phenomenon that has been developing every year, even to the level of get recognition and perceiving very high profits, and sometimes not far from what some elite athletes from different disciplines or sports come to earn, creating and consolidating a new profession with many advantages, among those, that 80% of their activities are performed from home.


According to Forbes magazine, in 2019, the profits received by the first 10 professional gamers will sum more than 120 million dollars! These figures are not far from those perceived by professional athletes in different sports or disciplines.

In 2018, the BLOCKCHAIN GAMES ALLIANCE was created, an institution conformed by 60 companies in the video game industry, to promote the structural and conceptual bases of this innovative fusion (Blockchain and Video Games).This is why different studies affirm that the projections of this industry for the next decade are exponential, confirming that those companies that chose this field to work, are in the right technological trend.


Therefore, Arian’s Blockchain, through its decentralized governance committee, and its group of Engineers developers had been studying and testing for years, a project that has all the characteristics to be consolidated as a revolutionary success.


The Crypto Gamers in Arian’s Blockchain World

In 2019 Arian launched his first official application of the new Proof of Achievement protocol, which allows the mining process through a game: FIND THE HASH. The challenge of piloting a ship, through a tunnel that represents a blockchain inside, collect the criptobits and achieve the reward of the native cryptocurrency Ariancoin, had attracted the attention and captivate many gamers.


The Decentralized Governance Committee has been receiving feedback from its gamer community, so they decided to implement some of their suggestions, as well as to offer a new added value with differentiating elements that will result in a second optimized and enhanced version, with features that guarantee exponential incomes in Arianes to the growing G-MINERS community. This through the structures and processes that will promote, from the mechanics and dynamics of the game, the Ariancoin cryptocurrency and its market cap, and allow everyone who wins the reward, in relation to their capacity and skill, to see a daily income growth from a entertaining world!


Find the hash, without a doubt, was an excellent start to the blockchain game, with good acceptance by the gamer community. However, the huge projections of this first application were not going to end there, being only the genesis of something much bigger!


The vision of creating a new generation of super successful gamers led to completely reinvent the structure and mechanics of the game, as well as its mining rules, in order to successfully merge these variables.

In order to prize the loyalty of our G-MINERS and improve their experience with the game, in this new version a ranking system will be implemented, where their respective hierarchy will be based on the amount of experience of each user, which will be defined by the number of matches played.Likewise, a statistics panel will be implemented to monitor and analyze variables, processes and factors. In addition, you will no longer just need to complete the level, but you will need to be enabled to mine. This means that G-MINERS will have a “status”, which can be: active mining on or inactive mining. All participants who start playing will play with the active status until the time of their first mined block, at that time the status will change to “inactive” and will be activated again in a given time.

This will prevent the most skilled players from taking over the entire rewards and pass it on to new players, thus keeping the concept of decentralization of a the Arian blockchain in all its aspects. This and many other processes are part of the ongoing upgrade of the video game to ensure a DEMOCRATIZATION OF THE ARIAN CRYPTOMINING PROCESS!

To guide and direct our gamer community to the new era of crypto millionaires, the developers team keeps working on the technology that supports this version and the strength of its security, to ensure the sustainability of the successful merger between the dynamics of the game with the process of capitalization of the Ariancoin cryptoasset with an ecosystem that capitalizes on the internal native digital currency of the game and that will bring an exponential return for those who are part of it. A completely renovated store, with countless digital resources and products that facilitate the mining process, will be available and is one of the elements that will drive the increase of Ariancoin’s value, which will directly benefit its G-MINERS.


The HASH RACE launch poses something completely innovative and revolutionary in the blockchain world and the video game industry, and is scheduled for the first and second week of May. We invite you to be aware of our news and be part of the first to test the interactive Arian node which represents a new era of blockchain games that will produce the new crypto millionaires, in a democratic, efficient and safe way!


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