Many of our users are already experiencing smart mining through our Interactive Node

We have achieved accessible mining 

If you are a rookie wanting to enter the cryptocurrency world and have wondered how to do it, we invite you to know Arian Coin, an innovative and very attractive alternative in the crypto-ecosystem,in which everyone can participate.

In Arian, we have demonstrated that cryptocurrency mining can be accessible and carried out easily and with fun. With every download of our node, we confirm that all the effort put into the development of Arian Coin was worth it. 

All the features of our blockchain, our innovative PoAch protocol and the advantages of our Smart Interactive Node have demonstrated the effectiveness that we wanted to get in the Arian Coin mining process. 

What differentiates us

We keep in mind that one of the biggest failures of the crypto-ecosystem is the loss of the decentralized and equitable nature of disruptive technologies likecryptocurrency mining because, due to the need to make considerable investments in specialized equipment and the energy cost required, miners feel the need to resort to alternatives like mining pools in order to share the expenses but at the same time the profits.

These difficulties represent an obstacle for the participation of many other ones interested that don’t have the computing and energetic resources required to be part of this activity. Likewise, these are disadvantages that led to the creation of crypto-projects that downplay the fact of being decentralized, while aiming to be more accessible.

Instead, Arian Coin has been developed with the objective of preserving this principle and allowing the participation of everyone, providing equal opportunities for anyone interested in participating actively in the cryptocurrency world. This was made possible thanks to our unique PoAch protocol and its main feature, the human-machine symbiosis, through which a miner can participate in cryptocurrency mining from a conventional computer and through the participation in thevideogameFind the Hash.

We win by sharing the node

Many of our users are already experiencing smart mining through our Interactive Node, andthanks to its features they have experienced by themselves that mining while having fun is possible by participating in our game Find the Hash, without investing in expensive equipment, or investing much time, and with minimum energetic consumption, which represents a contribution to reduce the environmental impact that the mining of many other cryptocurrencies generates. 

As Arian is mining for everyone, its potential audience is quite wide because there are many people looking for an entrepreneurship project in the crypto-ecosystem that truly represents an excellent alternative, but reaching them is a concern for everyone. 

This is why many arianminers are already sharing Arian Coin and inviting their acquaintances and friends to be part of this community, andevery time they do it, they are getting more arians. 

Rewards Challenge

Our desire is to grow and we want to do it with you. With that in mind, we have developed our Rewards Challenge, this is a growth strategy that allowsall our crypto-community to participate, which is carried out in a very simple way.

All you have to do is download the Node to your computer and create the account to participate in the game Find the Hash, you’ll immediately be playing to mine arians. Additionally, you can invite your friends, your acquaintances, and everyone you can to become an arianminer, just like you.

Each timeone of your referrals downloads the node and manages to validate a block, you will receive arians as a reward according to the rewards plan stipulated for this Rewards Challenge.

Sounds cool, right? Earning arians with minimum effort, that is, free!
Like any other crypto-asset, keeping a high price depends mostly on the growth of your community, since it’s the members of the community that perform the transactions that give value to the currency. The arianminers are the most interested in keeping Arian Coin as the cryptocurrency at the forefront of smart mining.

So, come on, cheer up and share the Node to as many as you can. If you’re already enjoying the pleasant experience of being an arianminer, allow someone else to be part of this promising crypto-venture project while you earn arians for that.

Now, if you aren’t part of our community yet, we invite you to be. Don’t miss this opportunity, learn more about Arian Coin and subscribe to our Newsletter to stay informed of everything that’s happening with our asset in the industry.

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