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[Update] Interactive Node Version 1.2.1.  


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20/06/2019 5:44 pm  
Thanks to the comments that we have received by the community we have implemented some improvements and updates to the features of the Interactive Node. Take a look at what this version has: 
  • Languages: Now your Interactive Node is available in 3 languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese. To change the language go to Menu > Settings > Change language. To change the language in Find the Hash go to Options > Various and choose the language you want.
* If you open the node for the first time you will find the languange selection screen at the beginning.
  • An indicator for the loss of connection when the interactive node cannot connect for several reasons was added. The user can try restore the connection by clicking “Retry”.
  • We restructured the options menu of Find the Hash
  • We added to the Audio section of Find the Hash the individual management of the volumes: Music - SFX - Voices
  • Now you can choose how do you want to play with three setting options. To change the controls, go to Options > Controls, then choose the control you want to change, press ENTER and the key you want for that control. 
  •  You can choose to appear in the Top Miner of the Block Explorer. To change this setting, go to Options > Various, then select if you want the option to be On or Off. 
This update is available since 20/06/2019 
Leave your comments about this version. Follow us in our media to know the last notifications about the Interactive Node. 
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