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Your password to the Arian Interactive Node is key to your security  


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10/06/2019 3:51 pm  
A private key or password is the door that allows the user to access their information and private data of any kind and any site they are registered. The responsibility of the data and property inside the digital world being accessible to their owners and keeping it within the security protocols depends specifically on the carefulness the user has when creating, safeguarding, and using keys or access passwords. 
Your access key or password to the Arian Interactive Node allows you to administer your account and accessing your capital in arians, and is your responsibility to make sure it is well safeguarded. All data registered there will only be handled by you, and you will have exclusivity over it, and Arian’s blockchain will not have access to it, as this is the principle of decentralization.
When creating your password you acquire the responsibility that this brings, that is, such password is the key to everything related to your transactions within the network, that is why is so important to keep it in a safe way because if you lose it, you will lose your account.
To prevent that you experience tedious situations for the loss of your password, we invite you to follow these recommendations to protect your data within the Arian Interactive Node and our blockchain:
  • Create a complicated password, without personal data of any kind. The birthday dates are the fastest data to be deciphered by the hackers, avoid them.
  • Make a backup of your password in all ways and at all times possible in different places. Keep in mind that these places must be hard to access to third parties. 
  • If you lose your password, we cannot help you reestablish it. We do not have access to your data in any way, so we cannot do anything if you lose it. 
  • If you forget or lose your password, you will not have access to your arians mined or earned.  Your password is the only way to access your wallets, if you do not have it you will lose access to your accounts.
  • Avoid saving and making backups of your password only in electronic devices. It is always a good idea to have a backup of your password in another device. 
  • Never share your password in any way and even less through the network. You assume all the responsibility if you share your passwords.
We want you to be part of the Arian community actively, that is why we invite you to operate all and each one of your transactions securely. Do not forget your password as Arian’s blockchain will not be able to restore it. We respect the decentralization and autonomy principle that we promised, thus if you lose or forget your password you will not have access to your account or your arian capital. That is the reason why you must make yourself responsible for your password and the use and safety of it. 
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