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What is the Arian Block Explorer and how does it work  


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What is a Block Explorer?

As the word indicates it, a block explorer is a tool, generally a website, that allows everyone to navigate inside the blockchain. Through this tool, the user can see what’s going on inside a blockchain, visualize wallet addresses, verify the hashrate, information about the transactions performed, and other data of the blockchain.
All cryptocurrency blockchains have their block explorer, and every research made about this blockchain must be performed from their explorer because each of them has the ability to interpret the structures of each blockchain.

The Arian Block Explorer

Our blockchain also has its own block explorer, with which our users can perform their research inside the Arian blockchain to visualize the information regarding the way our cryptocurrency, Arian Coin, has operated until now, which is possible thanks to the decentralized nature that our blockchain preserves.
The information contained in the Arian blockchain is open and accessible for everyone, thus, anyone can visualize it.
Our block explorer is a tool that allows all those interested in knowing how our cryptocurrency has worked so far, which includes tracking a Wallet, measuring the amount of cryptoactives mobilized in a period of time, as well as other data concerning  the transactions.

How does a Block Explorer work?

The Arian block explorer is the tool that you can use as an arianminer  to know how our cryptocurrency is working, with the most recent information like the past blocks and pending transactions to be added to a new block, which you can see in real time.
Within the data that our users can see through the Arian block explorer are: 
  • Number of transactions
  • Amount of coins sent
  • Volume
  • Commissions
  • Block number
  • Timestamp
  • Receiving time
  • Miner
  • Difficulty
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Version
  • Reward
Arian Coin gathers all the features that make a blockchain trustworthy, thus, it’s one of the best options to be part of the crypto-ecosystem. Download the Arian Interactive Node here and start being part of the transformation of the digital economy right now. 
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