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The importance of Block Explorer in a blockchain.  


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25/10/2019 1:02 pm  

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Investments in cryptos are a growing trend today. However, there is a considerable percentage of people for whom this ecosystem is not yet reliable enough to decide to invest in it.
Building security and trust is the best way to shut down the fear and skepticism that digital assets generate in the people.
So being fully aware of the way a specific crypto asset has been performing has become a crucial issue for investors and those interested in the subject.
The best tool to get specific information about a cryptocurrency is in the Block Explorer, or block explorer.
Usually, its a website, which allows navigation within a blockchain, a tool through which the user can review what happens within a blockchain, view wallet addresses, verify the hash rate, transaction information performed and other blockchain data.
Transparency is essential in the world of cryptocurrencies. Allowing anyone to have access to this type of information guarantees the decentralization of the blockchain.
Through Blockexplorer, anyone can know how a cryptocurrency has worked so far, which includes tracking a Wallet, measuring the number of crypto assets mobilized over in a specific time, as well as other data concerning to the transactions.
All cryptocurrency blockchain have their specific block explorer. Because each of them can interpret the structures of each blockchain, any research that is carried out must be from their respective explorer.
Some of the data that users can access through the blockexplores are:
  • Number of transactions
  • Amount of coins sent
  • Volume
  • Commissions
  • Block number
  • Date and Time
  • Reception time
  • Miner
  • Difficulty
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Version
  • Reward
By having access to this information, anyone can be aware of the operation of the digital asset in which they are depositing their resources and also know what to expect, without false data or false expectations, making their investment experience based on reality.
For the safety of our users, Ariancoin has its own Blockexplorer. Through it, you can access all the information you want to know concerning the behavior of our cryptocurrency and its blockchain. Just click here .
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30/10/2019 3:59 pm  

I'm pretty new to the crypto world, but I do understand that it is important to think about security. Frankly speaking, I haven't heard about Block Explorer, so thanks for sharing, I'll check it out!

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25/11/2019 11:23 am  


Hello, @kirab!

The cryptocurrency world allows you to have all the financial freedom you finally deserve. Also, Ariancoin owns PoAch the POS and POP exclusive combination.
AES-256 encryption algorithm makes our cryptocurrency very safe.

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