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The human-machine symbiosis, a productive interaction  


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In the technology field concerning us, this symbiosis refers to the person-computer interaction (or any other electronic device) through the exchange of information through the software.

Crypto-mining and the human-machine symbiosis

The need to attain a world with a decentralized economy and accessible opportunities for each member of the society, without depending on status, led to the creation of strategies that result in the emergence of technologies focused on reaching this goal. This is the case of the cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, the technology behind them.
One of the most popular activities in the technological ecosystem during the past years refers to the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining process in general. This process requires the implementation of expensive technology and a great energetic consumption due to the generated competitivity. 
One of the alternatives to decrease these disadvantages in cryptocurrency mining is to make the most out of the direct relationship between humans and machines, where people’s capacity to keep control over the mining activities is essential, while drawing on the abilities of the equipment. 
Because of this, the Arian team works on the development of solutions for the reduction of costs and the implementation of technologies for crypto-mining that are more environmentally friendly.
The human-machine symbiosis is the main feature of the Arian Coin protocol, the Proof of Achievement, which potentializes this interaction between a user and their device, performing simpler and daily activities for the execution of a smart cryptocurrency mining. 
The Proof of Achievement is the Arian protocol that has been developed taking the best features out of two known protocols, the Proof of Work (PoW) and the Proof of Play (PoP), with the goal of enriching the advantages of each one and achieve an effective mining through the execution of tasks like the participation in a game. 
PoAch makes Arian Coin a cryptocurrency capable of being mined through multiple ways and depending mostly on human work, thus highlighting its main feature, the human-machine symbiosis, and becoming a cryptocurrency with a great potential to transform cryptocurrency mining effectively.
In Arian, anybody can become an arianminer by just downloading the Interactive Node in a conventional computer, creating an account and participating of the integrated game Find the Hash, with which it is possible to mine arians while playing and truly using the interaction with the device in use
We invite you to be part of this financial transformation in which you will definitely see the activities you carry out in your computer, machine, or device with other eyes. 
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