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Quick Guide to Find the Hash  


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02/07/2019 5:59 pm  

Are you ready to experience the most fun way of mining? Here we leave you some tips for this experience to be one of the best of your life, it couldn’t be any other way, mining while participating in an excellent game. It’s time to start.

• Press PLAY to start mining in a fun way.

• In the Speeder selection menu, you can change between the 4 speeders, each one with different features.

• The speeders (hovercrafts) are controlled with the right and left arrows. This movement is denominated Drift. Additionally, the use of the up and down directional arrows serve to increase or decrease acceleration.

• You can dodge an imminent obstacle by pressing the space bar, this will make the Seeder jump upwards (Flip) and change the grid’s position.

• You can activate the modules to shoot and activate the shield, thus avoiding imminent obstacles pressing the F and G keys respectively. These controls are predetermined. You can customize the settings in the Controls menu.

• Each code has 8 bits of the same color, you must collect a total of sixty-four (64) bits.

• You only have three (3) minutes to validate the block, and you can enter the race at any moment.

• While you run through the blockchain, other Arianminers are doing the same, you can’t see them, but they aim for the same objective than you.

If you still haven’t decided to experience this fun way of mining, don’t wait more!!! Click here to download the node and become an Arianminer. 

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30/10/2019 3:52 pm  

Great info! Thanks!

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25/11/2019 10:31 am  


Its a pleasure helping you, Kirab we enjoy giving you useful information.

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