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How can you mine on your personal computer?  


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28/06/2019 12:29 pm  
Cryptocurrency mining is a pretty attractive activity for entrepreneurs, as it’s an activity that has directly impacted the growth of the crypto-community. Many of its members have greatly benefited from the economic resources that this activity generates, especially from mining Bitcoin.
However, the high cryptocurrency mining costs have become the greatest obstacle for this activity to have the participation of many more interested, which aggravates with the need to invest in expensive equipment and software for its execution.
Arian Coin gathers a great number of advantages to counter these inconveniences, as thanks to the features of its blockchain and PoAch protocol it’s now possible to carry out cryptocurrency mining without the need for expensive computing equipment, and minimum energetic consumption. With Arian Coin, mining is so simple that you can do it from your personal computer because its Smart Interactive Node can be downloaded in any conventional computer.
The main objective of Arian is to achieve a secure ecosystem accessible for everyone interested in the crypto-mining activity, actually accessible and free of the obstacles that have pushed away many from this attractive entrepreneurship option for a long time
The features of the Arian Node allow anyone to access cryptocurrency mining, as its operation is carried out in a smart way, just through the interaction you have with your device, in such a simple process like creating your account and participating in the videogame Find the Hash.
Arian Coin offers you the opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency mining through your personal computer, in a simple and fun way, without over costs or investing much time, as the Arian Node adjusts the mining time according to your abilities as a miner. You can show these abilities playing Find the Hash, a race at full speed, where you can run through the inside of a blockchain aboard a fast hovercraft represented in a colorful tunnel full of lights where you can see all the objectives in order to find the hash and validate the block.
You participate, compete, win, have fun, achieve the goal, validate the block, and by doing so, you will have received a reward of 10 arians. That definitely sounds great.
It’s time to use your time to the fullest and give value to the use of your personal computer, in a fun way while earning arians. You can start now by downloading the Arian Interactive Node here . Have fun and mine arians from your personal computer. 
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