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Frequent mistakes in the Arian Interactive Node installment  


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14/06/2019 11:20 am  

Many of us want to be part of the exciting world of cryptocurrency mining, but this eagerness to start promptly our mining activities could lead us to make some mistakes that difficult or even prevent us from achieving the goal.
The most frequent mistakes that are made when downloading the mining node, and within them are the following: 
  1. Not reviewing the instructions: Every time we get a product or service of any kind, reviewing the instructions step by step is necessary in order to avoid making mistakes in the execution of the service or consumption of the product. This will prevent mistakes when installing the Arian Interactive Node. Find the installation and game instructions here:
  2. Not accepting admin permissions or disabling the antivirus or firewall: If you don’t accept the permissions it won’t be possible to move on with the node installation process because the system needs to access certain configurations of your computer. If the respective authorizations don’t exist, the operation will simply stop or present an error, or it won’t be executed.
  3. Not checking your internet connection during synchronization: If the internet connection isn’t stable, the synchronization won’t end or take a long time, since the whole operation depends on the system obtaining the node’s installation data that is supplied through the network. 
  4. Not having a backup of the wallet you want to connect (in case you don’t want to have a new account): If you don’t have a backup of the account you want to connect to the computer where you are installing, you won’t be able to access it and you will have to create another one to be able to use the node because this information is private and the system doesn’t store it.
  5. Not saving the password in a safe place: Human memory has its limitations, and, in many cases, the passwords lost with updates or changes of equipment are forgotten. We suggest you save your password in a safe place, physically or digitally, since Arian doesn’t have records about it and you won’t be able to recover it if you lose it.
We are certain that if you follow the instructions faithfully you’ll avoid making such errors. This way, you’ll enjoy in a secure way the advantages that the Arian Interactive Node offers. Installing the node properly, you can start participating in the wonderful Find the Hash adventure and begin mining arians. 
What are you waiting for? Follow all the instructions to download the Interactive Node here: and become an Arianminer.
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