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An update about the Frequent Mistakes in the Arian Interactive Node installation  


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10/07/2019 3:31 pm  


It’s important to keep in mind that we can make mistakes regardless of the knowledge we have about a topic if we take for granted the fact that we know the way something works.

In order to avoid that you make a mistake when installing or executing the Arian Interactive Node, we give you the following recommendations.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Interactive Node: our node has been updated in order to improve its operation, so make sure that the version youre going to install is the most updated one.


2. Delete files/folders downloaded from previous versions: Remember that when you download the Interactive Node a folder with computer data necessary for its operation is created. If theres a new version, the data won’t be the same, so you must delete these files in order to install the updated node.


3. Delete temporary waste from your computer: all software installed on a computer creates residual temporary files, its recommended that you remove them regularly in order to free space for the proper functioning of the Node.


4. Keep in mind that the installation shouldnt take more than 10 minutes, if the synchronization stops, we recommend you to exit the node and restart it. This is often related to your Internet’s download speed or the speed of your computer's processor, so in order to avoid intermittent installation, check your internet signal and restart the installation process, this way you’ll make sure that it’s performed correctly.


Lastly, we remind you that you must follow each instruction of the download process appropriately, so don’t forget to read the terms and conditions to make sure that your Interactive Node will download and work correctly.

And now you’re ready to be an arianminer. Download the Arian Node here, participate in Find the Hash and start mining in arians

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