For the crypto-ecosystem, Reddit has been a very productive tool, becoming the favorite social network of crypto-investors.

An effective tool for digital marketing

Social networks have become an excellent tool for spreading information about any new or already-existing product or service on the market. For experts, the success of a digital marketing campaign relies mostly on the management given to the social networksand the participation in forums and blogs related to the topic. 

Given that cryptocurrencies are a technology closely related to social networks and the management of digital information, it’s clear that this is one of the most valuable resources when spreading and looking for information on the web. However, social networks like Facebook and Twitter don’t represent aspecialized channelfor this labor, which is why those interested in this subject go to more specific websites and forums, like Reddit.

This web platform was presented to the public in the year 2002, and it focuses on the news and information area, as it also has one quite attractive element: the spaces for discussion where the users carry out debates about different subjects.

For the crypto-ecosystem, Reddit has been a very productive tool, becoming the favorite social network of crypto-investors, where they can participate in debates, find recommendations for investments, analyzing the best options and interact with other users to share positive or negative experiences.

This network is so relevant in the cryptocurrency world that experts have made an analysis of more than 48.000 posts about this topic in order to study the behavior of some cryptocurrencies concerning agreeableness among the community, which showeda quite interesting result: more than 85% of these posts talk positively about cryptos. 

Arian on the web

In Arian, we also see in the social networks an excellent tool for marketing and promotion, which is why these are part of the elements used in our strategy to make ourselves known even more in the crypto-ecosystem, reason why we have entered Reddit. 

Besides our website where you can find all the information you need about Arian Coin, its innovative PoAch protocol, its Interactive Node and its new mining tool, the game Find the Hash, with which you can carry out Smart Interactive Mining, you can stay informed about all our innovations, news, and current topics related to the crypto-ecosystem. We want you to be an active part of this growing community and stay updated with everything related to Arian Coin by subscribing to our newsletter. 

Arianminers and crypto-investors in Arian Coin

We are certain that Arian Coin is an attractive alternative for crypto-investors, which is why we invite you to know us more and participate of the Smart Interactive Mining through our game Find the Hash, which you can access to by just downloading the Arian Interactive Node, creating your account and playing to mine arians. Without the need for expensive equipment and with minimum energetic consumption you can be an arianminer and mine in a fun, yet effective way. By doing so, you can participate more properly in all the topics related to our cryptocurrency and generalized topics about the ecosystem in forums, blogs and more places where you find information about it. 

The general behavior of the social networks and websites regarding cryptocurrencies presents a trend of reviews and comments being more positive than negative. Arian Coin is part of this digital economy realitywhere many see the best opportunity about financial transformation. 

You can be a crypto-investor in arians by being one of the pioneers in acquiring a digital asset that has a long future thanks to its excellent projection of applicability in the crypto-ecosystem. For more information of how to participate in the Arian Coin pre-sale, click here

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