We bring you this recapitulación of the news and activities that generated during September

We wish that all our users are always up to date with the news of the Arian ecosystem.

We wish that all our users are always up to date with the news of the Arian ecosystem.

Therefore, we bring you this recapitulación of the news and activities that generated during September.


Launch Interactive Node for Mac

At the beginning of September, with great satisfaction, we launched the version of our Intelligent Interactive Node for Mac.

We are very excited to allow many more people to be part of the digital economy through cryptocurrency mining, through access to the Arian Interactive Node.

Now all users with Mac computers can access the Arian node. We have developed the Arian Node to solve the worrying problem of excessive energy consumption.

Also, reverse the loss of centralization in the performance of many blockchain products. These problems drive many people away from cryptocurrency activity.

We are glad to know that there are now many more people who can enjoy accessible and intelligent mining through the Find the Hash videogame. Also, it’s great that it is possible to make a profit while enjoying participating in an exciting videogame.

You can download the Interactive Node here https://ariancoin.io/descarga-nodo-interactivo/ and enjoy this innovative way of the mining as well.

Get free Arians Start now! Just follow these steps

Now that we have launched the Arian Airdrop, we can link our community to many other people interested in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Arian Airdrop consists of doing activities that are usually carried out without obtaining any additional benefit. The difference is that now you can make a profit for it.

Arian offers you the opportunity to improve your income by getting Arians for free through Arian Airdrop. These revenues are a reward for participation in some online marketing strategies.

With the Arian Airdrop, you can make a profit by actively participating in our social networks. We have an excellent reward plan that you can win in Arians. You don’t have to look out there anymore; now you can take advantage of this opportunity.

It is easy what you have to do. Enter here https://ariancoin.io/airdrop/ You can find here all the information you need to be able to participate in this opportunity to generate profits in Arians. You can do this while you complete some of the specified tasks.

Update Node Version 1.8.1

In Ariancoin, we continue to evolve, thinking about the comfort of our users; we change to improve!!

In the news of September, we make updates to our Interactive Node. Once inside the Menu, you will find the Mobile Wallet option.

Only by scanning the QR code with your smartphone(compatible with Android), you can access your Wallet.

Start now to enjoy the advantages of the Arian Wallet App, and if you want to import your account, check the quick guide here https://ariancoin.io/actualizacion-nodo-version-1-8-1/

This update is not mandatory, so your node will not be affected if you do not carry it out.

Discover how the Arian Airdrop is working

The results of this activity have left us very satisfied because they show once again that we are generating a real transformation in the digital ecosystem.

Arian Airdrop is a call to which our users have responded positively. There are already many participants who, upon completing each activity, have received the rewards offered.

Our users have verified that they can make a profit by performing the activities we always do while we are connecting to the internet.

It is effortless and productive, both for the participants and for Arian.

With Arian Airdrop, the growth of our crypto community has been evident. Therefore Arian Coin is achieving the positioning we all expect. Also, the increase in benefits for Arian’s holders:

Participants Arian Airdrop63 
Arians delivered by Airdrop550
Red Telegram members111
Facebook followers400

Soon you can enjoy the Find the Hash Virtual Store

We ended the month of September with the announcement of the Find the Hash Virtual Store, excellent news for Internet fans of the game Find the Hash.

Now participants can get cubits in the game that are part of the code of a Hash. Another person has not undermined this code, that is, a correct code that was not complete.

The cubits are the virtual currency of the game Find The Hash and will help you get skin, effects, and improvements on the ship. In addition to them, you can buy in the Workshop and the Store, the two sections of the future purchase of the Ariancoin video game.

The Find, the Hash Virtual Store, brings fabulous surprises as you can beautify your ship and improve your game skills to be the winner.
We hope that the opening of the Virtual Store will be in two months, and the first thing that will be available will be the Workshop.

To be clear about the use of cubits in the Store you can access the full information here https://ariancoin.io/pronto-podras-disfrutar-de-la-tienda-virtual-find-the-hash/

The first section of the Store that will be at your disposal is the Workshop. A site where you can find all the cosmetic accessories of the game with which you can improve the aesthetics of the game.

You will also have the option to buy in the Store in two sections. There you can find improvements in the ship that are not permanent and equipment that will give you advantages in the game to improve your chances of winning.

Get ready because Find the Hash will change the way you play, add enemies, new obstacles, characters, more customization items, and new game mechanics.

If you are not yet part of the Arian ecosystem, we invite you to experience a fun way to mine cryptocurrencies. You will know all the alternatives to win Arians that we have developed thinking of all our users.

You can start by downloading the Arian Interactive Node here https://ariancoin.io/download-interactive-node/ and begin enjoying the Ariancoin smart interactive mining experience.

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