With Arian, you can be sure that your digital assets will be protected. Each wallet and each transaction made has fairly reliable security protocols

Arian guarantees security in all its processes

In each of the development phases of the Arian Blockchain, our developer team has placed special emphasis on ensuring the conservation of the basic characteristics of a blockchain, security and decentralization.

Arian is the only blockchain to operate with the Proof of Achievement protocol, which optimizes human machine interaction, that is, a user’s relationship with their computer equipment, for the execution of an intelligent cryptocurrency mining, where human action prevails over machine.

PoAch makes it possible for many people to have access to cryptocurrency mining by reducing the need for expensive equipment and at the same time excessive energy consumption, through simple activities such as participation in the Find the Hash game, in an offer that guarantees decentralized participation In the crypto ecosystem.

Likewise, this protocol allows Ariancoin mining to be carried out in an accessible way, since the Arian Interactive Node can be downloaded to any conventional computer where by simply creating an account the miner can participate in the game and start mining arianes.

Store your arianes in secure wallets

The rewards you receive when you are the winner for the validation of the blocks of the Arian chain, are deposited in the Wallet that you created when you registered in the node.

However, Arian also has Arian Wallet App, the wallet that you can manage from your Android compatible smartphone and that you can download from the Google Play Store.

All the processes that are carried out in the Arian blockchain are totally reliable, since we have paid special attention to increasing the security conditions with the linking of the most advanced encryption algorithms in the medium.

The participants of each activity related to the Arian blockchain, obtain economic benefits beyond the mining activity, since Arian has many other alternatives to obtain profits, Reward Challenge, Airdrop and the direct purchase of arianes, among others, investments that provide great satisfaction to those who are part of our community.

All the arians products of these activities are deposited securely in the Wallets that we have developed for this purpose, which have the strictest security schemes to guarantee an effective operation and management of each transaction that is carried out through them.

All activities carried out through the Arian blockchain are backed by the security of the advanced AES-256encryption algorithm, which guarantees the reliability of the transactions carried out in each Wallet.

With Arian you can be sure that your digital assets will be securely guarded in each wallet and that each transaction made has fairly reliable security protocols.

We invite you to be part of this growing Ariancoin community by participating in the smart mining of arianes, by downloading your node here https://ariancoin.io/descargar-nodo-interactivo/. You can also check on our website all the options we have for you to become an investor in cryptocurrencies with Ariancoin

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