Digital transactions, digital money, crypto-assets, tokens, the world is at the doors of a financial revolution worthy of a science fiction story, and it’s inevitable.

Let me tell you the story of Arian, the first developed blockchain based on the innovative Proof of Achievement protocol, a product that’s born from the search for a smart alternative for one of the most promising activities in the world of the digital economy, cryptocurrency mining.

The digital economy era

Undoubtedly, Blockchain technology has represented one of the most fascinating technological innovations of recent times, a technology that goes beyond being the security backup of one of the most revolutionary digital products in the global economy, Bitcoin.

Blockchain’s features, its properties, advantagesand the added security value that it givesto each one of its applicationshas not yet been quantified, but in the middle of all this and as we deepened in its nature, the passion for this technology grew in us.

We envisioned ourselves creating attractive products for many future users, with which they could feel supported in the natural desire of every human being to reach a higher level of financial and personal prosperity.

Our main objective was, in the midst of this process of generating creative ideas, to achieve the development of a product that essentiallykept intact Blockchain’s characteristic disruptive nature, decentralization, in order to achieve a benefit that can be enjoyed by a greater group of stakeholders.

Following Bitcoin’s footprint

We have all witnessed the important growth of bitcoin, ether and all the alternative cryptocurrencies that emerged after that. By getting more deeply involved in this world, we understood that ultimately, our society is entering slowlybut surelyinto what will be the future reality of the world economy.

Digital transactions, digital money, crypto-assets, tokens, the world is at the doors of a financial revolution worthy of a science fiction story, and it’s inevitable, that’s the reason for our desire not to be left behind—or worse, out of it.

Unfortunately, this ecosystem has been impacted by a large number of investors due to the creation of companies and mostly the increase in competition and difficulty to carry out the crypto-mining activity, and although it has undoubtedly been very productive despite its fluctuation, it has left behind not only an enormous energetic wear, but also many possible participants immersed in frustration.

During all this time we learned, listened and experienced in our own way stories of many who tried on multiple occasions to enter and be an active and productive part of the digital economy universe, but weregrettablycrashed against the wall difficult to cross, which represents the difficulties of traditional mining.

The desire to make a difference

We then began an interesting journey through the universe of consensus protocols, that is, we went through the world of the gears that make cryptocurrency mining possible, the most used processes for the block validation in a blockchain, and which wonderfully create a crypto-asset.

Since then our team has been dedicated to investigating market behavior and existing offers in blockchain technology related to the generation of cryptocurrencies, in order to havethe weaknesses of the existing systemclearly identified, to create a completely different project and represent a truly efficient alternative. 

We met bitcoin’s Proof of Work, ethereum’s Proof of Stake, Proof of Play, and the subsequent protocols, which became our main subject for study. We analyzed in depth all its advantages but mostly all its drawbacks, since these are an important part of that barrier that prevents the common investor from being part of this ecosystem.

What we didn’t want to be

At the end of this journey, we were able to confirm that the biggest weakness of the bitcoin protocol (PoW) lies in its enormous energy use, its expensive investment in computer equipmentand more recently, the great growth of the famous pools, groups of miners that make partnerships in order to reach goals and share profits.

It also happened to us with PoS because its biggest disadvantage lies in the number of cryptocurrencies that a miner must have in order to participate in the validation of the blocks, which leads tothe information related to the possession of their crypto-assets being shared within the net. Another of its weaknesses refers to the risk of the 51% attack, which is the possibility that a user may have an enormous amount of cryptocurrencies that puts him or her in an advantageous position over the others and risks the network’s integrity.

In our journey we also met Proof of Play, which was very attractive at the beginning, a protocol with characteristics similar to the PoS, asit requires the participation of a miner in a game, which generates a reward at the time of block validation, but with all the energetic wear, computational requirement and time investment of the previous protocols.

After finishing this exploration trip, our desire to create the ideal product turned out to be quite strong and we decided to generate the bases. We didn’t know at that moment what or howit would be, but we did have a clear idea of what we didn’t want it to be.

The greatest need, smart mining

Our project should be a cryptocurrency easily accessible to all, with a unique and truly decentralized protocol. That could be sustained in a simple protocol feasible from any common and very profitable device. In other words, we would have to develop the true smart mining.

With all this energy we started the development of our project in August of 2017. We explored PoP projects since we thoughtthat an effectively developed Proof of Play could truly represent the user-friendliness for the cryptocurrency mining. We also investigated some developed blockchains based on Ethereum, but neither resulted to be convincing for the idea we wanted to capture.

It was then when we decided to take the risk of creating a unique and original blockchain, which should equally operate with a special and unique protocol. But creating a blockchain isn’t an easy task, it requires several attempts and most importantly, not giving up easily, even more so when it comes to creating a blockchain that isn’t similar to any existing ones.

Up to this moment in our history we only had a clear idea of how the product we wanted to create should be, and more than a year went by in order to have the foundations of what would be our protocol, Proof of Achievement, a protocol that had to gather all the advantages for the performance of smart mining.

After many attempts, we came with the idea that would bring PoAch to life. Why not take the best of the most effective protocol so far, PoW, and merge it with the best features of the PoP protocol, which we found so attractive?

Proof of Achievement

Yes, Proof of Achievement (PoAch) is the result of the fusion between the Proof of Play (PoP) and the Proof of Work (PoW), in this way we got to develop our own algorithmic consensus protocol, which proposes a strategy in which the work you do when interacting with your devicecall it computer, smartphone, or any otheris rewarded once you reach the goal of the posed challenge.

This perfect interaction between a miner and device used is what we call human-machine symbiosis, a feature that allows miners perform this task using less physical resources, with less energy usage and with the best security conditions.

Arian, a unique blockchain

Our innovative blockchain was born, backed by a unique protocol, and only one small step was missing to make it a reality: givingit a name.

The name Arian arose after listening to several proposals, researching all of them in order to arrive at the correct choice. Arian as a word is a term used in a current of thought to refer to a son who, despite not havingthe same essence as his father, emerges with the mission of transforming the world. A description very consistent with our purpose, since Arian is a crypto-asset that doesn’t have the same essence of the cryptocurrency mother bitcoin, but whichhas been created to change the crypto-world.

From this point on wards, the second part of our history began and everything that led us to build what we are today. So far we told you the first part of our story.

We still have a lot to tell you, so subscribe to our Newsletter, get more information about us and keep up with this adventure called Arian Coin.

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