The Arian Airdrop consists in carrying out activities that are usually performed without gaining any additional benefit, except that, on this occasion, you can get profit from it

Generating financial resources is a daily and human need, but, wouldn’t you find it cool if you could receive money for what you do every day in your social media? Aria offers you the opportunity to increase your incomes gaining free arians. 

One of the valid options in the cryptocurrency field to obtain financial incentives is the Airdrop, a token distribution procedure that is generally delivered to the holders of a determined cryptocurrency as a reward for participating in some online-marketing strategy.

Usually, in these proposals the participants must execute determined actions such as sharing on social media, inviting friends, installing and app, signing in a website, or filling forms to get visibility, incentivizing the use of determined platforms, and increasing popularity, among other goals. 

The Arian Airdrop consists in carrying out activities that are usually performed without gaining any additional benefit, except that, in this occasion, you can get profit from it with a quite attractive rewards plan, so, you don’t have to keep looking because this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

If you’re wondering what do you have to do, it’s very easy, the Arian airdrop has a specific task assignment that must be executed effectively and can get you rewards up to 25 arians.

The tasks that you must carry out are:

  1. Complete some of the following tasks:

Task 1: Facebook Follow Arian Coin on Facebook. 

  • Follow Arian Coin on Facebook. 
  • Share a post in your status 
  • Like 3 posts 
  • Comment 1 post 
  • Tag 2 friends in any post

Reward: 15 ARIAN

Task 2: Twitter 

  • Follow Arian Coin on Twitter  
  • Retweet any of our posts  
  • Like 3 posts 
  • Comment 1 post  
  • Tag 2 friends in any post   

Reward: 15 ARIAN

Task 3: Instagram

  • Follow Arian Coin on Instagram
  •  Like in 5 posts
  • Comment 2 posts 
  • Tag 3 friends in any post 

Reward: 15 ARIAN

Task 4: Medium 

  • Follow Arian Coin in Medium
  • Clap 5 posts 
  • Comment 2 posts 
  • Share 1 post on Facebook or Twitter 

Reward: 25 ARIAN

Task 5: Youtube 

  • Follow Arian Coin’s Youtube channel
  • Like 3 videos 
  • Comment on 2 videos  
  • Tag 2 friends in any video  
  • Share 2 videos on Facebook or Twitter  

Reward: 25 ARIAN

Task 6: Reddit 

  • Follow the Arian Coin subreddit  
  • Upvote 5 posts of Arian 
  • Comment 3 posts 
  • Share 2 posts

 Reward: 25 ARIAN2. After you complete one of the tasks, fill the form. If you don’t have an account in our Interactive Node, you must download it here. 

3. Accept the Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy Policies found in the form.

4. Send the form.

5. Join Telegram and notify us that you sent the form along with the alias you used to register the form.

6. Once you contact us, we will check the data you sent and if you fulfilled the tasks correctly, then we will send your reward to the wallet you registered.

By participating actively in this Arian Airdrop we guarantee you that you will enjoy of the incomes you’ll receive, but, you must keep in mind that it’s necessary that, after completing the tasks, you must fill the Google Forms form prepared for this Airdrop and notifying via the Telegram Arian group [link here] to verify it, as the rewards will be assigned after a positive audit of your executed tasks and after validating the contribution.

Your arians as rewards will be delivered within 3 days, the time necessary to verify if the information sent is correct. The tokens will be credited to your verified account in a date and hour determined by Arian. When completing an Airdrop, Arian will notify you that your arians will be credited to the registered Wallet. 

Don’t wait for more, increase your incomes while you enjoy what you do, and be an active part of the crypto ecosystem, that is filled with opportunities to grow financially. 

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