Arian Coin mining represents a valuable opportunity to be part of the digital economy and presents itself as the best alternative in the cryptocurrency market

We invite you to meet Arian Coin, the smart mining

In Arian, we are aware of the fact that the search for investment opportunities is consistent for those who aim to achievethe effective and sustainable financial independence through innovative economic activities. Digital economy opens a world of possibilities for these entrepreneurs and the surging of technologies like Blockchain make the offers in the industry more attractive, given the level of security and decentralization that these represent.

Since the birth of bitcoin as the first truly decentralized cryptocurrency, the global economy has begun to have a significant shift, as this and the other alternative cryptocurrencies represent an opportunity to flourish without the intervention of third parties that implies the shortage of investor’s income.

Blockchain, mining, and cryptocurrencies are the most investigated subjects when looking for entrepreneurship and investment alternatives. And there are multiple ways to make the best out of blockchain and monetize the time we dedicate to activities like mining.

Unfortunately, most of these cryptocurrencies face the inconvenient of many cryptocurrency mining disadvantages, especially bitcoin due to its PoW protocol, which requires a serious investment in hardware and excessive energetic use, besides the wear of time and effort of those who intervene in the process. 

A unique blockchain and protocol

For this reason, Arian emerges as the first blockchain based on the Proof of Achievement(PoAch) protocol, a protocol that presents a human-machine symbiosisas aninnovative mechanism to validate the blocks, which works hand in hand with a new and advanced encrypting algorithm to secure its protocol.

In Arian, we know that mining in a smart way has become a primary need for investors who have looked for an alternative that allows them to be mining by themselves, independently, not in farms and not consuming valuable energy excessively.

We are introducing Arian Coin, our cryptocurrency, with which we have managed to maintain a decentralized ecosystem for crypto-miners that uses the least amount of resources and which can be executed through conventional computers or simple devices.

And it is precisely the human-machine symbiosis that makes this smart mining possible, a feature on its own that refers to the productive relationship that can exist between time investment and the use of hardware with basic features. This feature definitely makes Arian Coin be much more efficient from the energetic point of view and makes it truly decentralized as it does not depend on cooperative work and leaves other failed proposals behind.

Thanks to Arian’s unique Proof of Achievement (PoAch) protocol, which results from the impeccable fusion between the Proof of Play (PoP) and the Proof of Work (PoW), Arian Coin mining requires quite an easy process, as it raises a strategy in which the work performed by the man on the machine (computer or mobile device) is rewarded once the goal proposed by the posed challenge is achieved. That is, whoever uses their time developing the activity can achieve the block’s validation and thus become the winner, which will invariably translate into a real reward in arians. 

This is an activity that can be performed with such simple actions as the participation in the first of our games developed for this specific performance, as itis the case of Find the Hash, with which you can start playing to mine by only downloading our node and creating the account. It is remarkable that the Arian Interactive Node consumes a really low amount of energy as it does not depend on a high computing power or specialized hardware.

Arian Coin makes the difference because one of the biggest needs of the market is an equal distribution. It is here where the PoAch protocol leads Arian’s blockchain to stand out from any other existing blockchain, as its main objective is a fair balance based on decentralization.

We really want to distinguish ourselves from other Blockchains, that is why we have put special attention into creating a unique protocol, which stands out within the mining ecosystem due to its exceptional conditions.

Become a pioneer of the Arian Coin mining

We wish for you to be part of the group of pioneers of the Arian Coin smart mining, that is why we invite you to download our Interactive Node from any computer or device, in a simple way, and start mining. 

We are certain that our projection to the usability of Ariancoin within the commercial ecosystem will keep its value high, in a sustainable way, in the market, which makes this entrepreneurship project one of the most attractive.

But how is it possible to be part of our engaging and innovative proposal?

We are at the right time to offer this opportunity to all of those who look for entrepreneurship alternatives.

Arian’s goal is to achieve that anyone can have access to the world of crypto-assets in a secure and decentralized way. We aspire to revolutionize the digital ecosystem through Arian Coin mining, with strategies that can benefit those interested and contribute to the growth of our community.

If you reached this point of the article you, for sure, are one of those interested in being part of this revolution, and you are before this opportunity to participate and be a pioneer of this project.

You can do it in a very simple way, download the Interactive Node of Arian Coin clicking here and be one of the first to be part of the Arianminers community.

We are committed with the growth of our community, that is why we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, share your experience and keep informed of the news that day by day occur in the ecosystem.

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