Arian represents an entrepreneurship option, an opportunity to achieve dreams in the short and medium term, and, as every starting work, it demands step by step construction

Opportunities for new entrepreneurs

Fo many new entrepreneurs, starting a project isn’t easy, starting from taking desitions about what could be the best option. In a world where every day it’s more and more common to find people wishing to have a better life quality, which see the capacity to administer their time freely as a priority, we find many varied alternatives.

The investments and participation in the digital ecosystem are just a few of them. In this medium, there are many options that go from starting your own business, an online store, social media commerce, and even investments and participation in the cryptocurrency world, the latter being the one with the greatest growth currently.

However, all of these activities require some investment, and, no matter how small it is, it can represent an inconvenient for entrepreneurship, which, regarding the crypto ecosystem, is greater because the participation in this medium requires a greater investment and a higher cost.

Investment free entrepreneurship

Arian has emerged having entrepreneurs also in mind, this group that’s made by a great variety of people, mostly young people between 18 and 25 years old, students, college students, recently graduated professionals, workers whose income doesn’t reward their effort, young married couples who want to fulfill their wishes to travel, acquiring a house, etc. But within this group, we also find adults tired of working endlessly for their families, mothers and housewives wishing to increase family incomes, and even adults about to reach their pension age and it’ll certainly be unfair in comparison with all their years of work.

For all of them, Arian represents an entrepreneurship option, an opportunity to achieve dreams in the short and medium term, and, as every starting work, it demands step by step construction, following the schemes to be able to see it finished and working at its full potential.

Although there aren’t many attractive alternatives in the crypto ecosystem, as it could be the case of bitcoin, given its popularity and the most recent rebound of its price, the cost behind it is sufficiently high to not be considered at all. That’s why Arian could be of great use when chosen.

The Arian Coin attractiveness

The Arian blockchain has managed to develop its cryptocurrency, Arian Coin, in such way that those who don’t have much capital can access it in a simple way, not even investing in the purchase of an expensive computer. Its mining can be carried out in a very effective yet simple way from your personal computer, from the commodity of your home, without exceeding the energy consumption expenses.

You can start being an arianminer from now, that is, an Arian Coin miner. By just downloading the Arian Interactive Node and creating your account, you can be part of this growing community. The node’s features make mining arians possible in an effective way through the participation in the game Find the Hash, all thanks to our Proof of Achievement protocol and its main characteristic, the human-machine symbiosis, that enables you to monetize your interaction with your electronic device.

You can be an arianminer playing Find the Hash, a race at full speed that’s carried out within the blockchain, where the challenge is to collect all the pieces that make the hash to validate the block in a maximum time of 3 minutes; if you achieve the goal before the other participants, you’ll get a reward of 10 arians.

We’ll grow together

Like all crypto communities, the productivity of this project is linked to the growth of it, and we have all our users to achieve this. For this motive, we’ve created the Rewards Challenge, a strategy that allows rewarding additionally with arians to all the arianminers that share the Arian Interactive Node with others interested so they can download it. Rewards will be credited automatically once the new miner validates the blocks.

Arian Coin is a growing enterprise, with an excellent future projection, in which you can participate to build the digital capital that you’ve wanted so much to achieve your future projects and make your plans and those of your family come true.

We invite you to download the Interactive Node here and start building this prosper future that you’ve longed so much.

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