Agile Staking: Innovative Staking process with huge financial advantages for Affiliates:

Agile Staking works with an algorithm that allows the creation of incentives for people who own Arians. The system offers guaranteed and easy to calculate ROI, unlike other protocols. The goal of Agile Staking is to get easy access and shares of the Arians crypto-assets ecosystem, turning into a smart source of passive income from a small pre-mined percentage from Arian’s Blockchain. Projecting a healthy, interactive, and dynamic supply and demand equation in the Ariancoin crypto community, another variable that will raise its market cap, and at the same time, producing daily and recurring earnings. People interested in diversifying their income can get Arians to increase their investment portfolio and take advantage of this limited opportunity.

Depending on the plan you chose, the return on investment will be from 10% to 50% biannually (180 calendar days), this is an excellent opportunity because it allows users to get access to the system depending on their investment capacities. With Agile Staking who own Arians in the wallet will receive daily interest in their balance, in exchange for helping to maintain the security and stability of the system. Agile Staking is reinventing the way to generate recurring income with the characteristic of guaranteed return on investments that make it entirely superior for another staking with random returns.


System REQUIREMENT: Keep the Arian Node active at least one hour a day during the contract period.