Proof of achievement is susceptible of being linked to multitasking for the performance of the Arian Coinmining from a lot of devices with a wifi conection

Living a common day

“Good morning, Mr. Collins, it is 5:45 AM, your coffee is ready in the kitchen.” 

This is the wake up alarm message in which Edward Collins’ device informs him every morning that his day has started. Meanwhile, Edward takes a few seconds to get off the covers, he checks the status of his Arian Wallet on his Smartwatch.

100 Arians were deposited on his account overnight, he had been waiting to have verified the activity he performed the day before: running 10 kilometres as his personal challenge, in order to participate in the next marathon of the city. It was definitely very satisfactory for him to receive the compensation for the physical effort he had made.

Edward got out of the covers and kissed his wife, he was expecting her to wake up and give him some company in his training journey, but he knew that the day before, Lenna had had a tough day. 

He went to the kitchen to drink his morning coffee, the machine had kept the coffee warm as he liked it, it was part of the characteristics of that interesting device, it allowed him to program the time his coffee needed to be ready and in which temperature to keep it. Even better, its programming validated a block in the Arian Blockchain once the task was completed and gave a compensation for it. This was a common in many of devices, but he loved that coffee machine because it gave him the two things that he was the most passionate about, coffee and cryptocurrencies.

While he was enjoying his coffee he laid his eyes on the parts of the house that he could reach, his son Daniel had turned three recently, but he hadn’t had his birthday party until yesterday in the afternoon. It had been a little hard for him to have some free time, along with Lenna and some of the party guests.

He noticed that there were still some leftovers of confetti and crumbs on the living room’s floor that his wife missed while cleaning. He took the small vacuum cleaner, a robotic device with incorporated artificial intelligence, programmed to clean every area of the first floor of the house.

While he assigned the task, he noticed something that he had not seen before: next to the control panel, Arian coin’s logo was stamped there, meaning that it was possible to also validate the blocks from the Arian Blockchain while the vacuum cleaner performed the task. Excited, he programmed the device, while imagining how excited Lenna was going to be when she found it out. 

He went to the room to change his clothes and start his training journey for the marathon, Lenna was already up checking her Smartphone.

“Good morning, baby,” he said, “I just found out that that our vacuum cleaner is a device that can mine arians, isn’t that awesome?
Lenna looked at him and smiled sarcastically and said, “honey, where do you think the money for Daniel´s birthday party came from? By effectively cleaning this house.” She laughed mockingly, “it’s amazing that you hadn’t noticed, you a crypto-fan.”

“Do you have more secrets about this, Lenna?” He said to his wife while he was suspiciously looking at her.

She grabbed his hand and took him to the corner of the bed while she showed him her Arian Wallet on her Smartphone. Edward was surprised to see that his wife’s balance was way higher than his. While he had only linked his very loved coffee machine and his Smartwatch that measured him his physical activity, she had linked the vacuum cleaner, the surveillance system, the videogames console and the treadmill. 

Astonished, he said, “baby, since when have you been cheating like this?” He laughed.

She responded in a lovely way, “the virtue that you have always loved the most about me is that I’m very reserved and most important, very smart!

Arian coin sets out a future filled with opportunities

The economic future of many families is at the edge of suffering a radical disruption with the creation of the Arian Blockchain. Its Proof of Achievement protocol is susceptible to being linked to the multitasking for the mining of Arian Coin from many devices with Wi-Fi connection that will certainly be able to profit from almost every daily home activity and the life of every member of a family.

Arian Coin has dabbled with strength in the crypto-ecosystem, we invite you to know more about this cryptocurrency with unique characteristics so that you can be a pioneer in the acquisition of a digital resource with a lot of potential. 

Download the Arian Interactive Node and become an arianminer. Get to know all the alternatives that Arian has to offer in order to become an Arian Investor here in our web page. 

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