We share some tips that will help you achieve your goals with our Rewards Challenge

In Arian, we want every activity of our community that you participate in to be successful for you, that’s why we share some tips that will help you achieve your goals with our Rewards Challenge.

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1. Be an active arianminer

It’s necessary for you to stay active in your Arian Interactive Node and participate in mining arians by playing Find the Hash, this way you can validate all the blocks you want. Everything that you produce while mining is credited to your account and you can see it in your Arian Wallet.

2. Make fear of rejection your ally, learn to handle it

Don’t let the fear of rejection paralyze you, there’s no need for you to fear being rejected or worrying about what others will think, as you progress you’ll discover that most of those fears are fake beliefs, just share with us and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

 3. Share with honesty, without exaggerations

Don’t forget to share with honesty, convincing others with exaggerations isn’t very honest, so share your real experiences, your results will be the most attractive for new arianminers. 

4. Remember that others, like you, are also looking for entrepreneurship alternatives

Stay motivated, you will as long as you keep participating in Arian Coin mining constantly, but you can also use this to motivate others, you share the same dreams and goalsas them. This is the moment to give them a push.

5. Share on your social media

You can share your mining results on your social media and even on your YouTube channel, you can even makea podcast and Live stream to attract more people to your referral network.

6. Take the most out of online technology

Keep in mind that these are the most valuable tools currently, they allow you to promote your project globally, without time or distance barriers.

7. Your success depends on your diligence and effort

Put all your effort, endeavor, and dedication, as you wouldwith any other project, share all the time and to as many as you can, your referrals will increase depending on this, and so will your arians. 

8. Your goal in the Rewards Challenge is to create your arianminer network

Although mining with Find the Hash is profitable and simple, your arianminer network will help you increase your income, and you will reach your financial goals faster. When you create your arianminer network you earn even while you’re sleeping

9. Lastly, remember that we want to grow together

The Rewards Challenge increases the projection of Arian Coin to the ecosystem. Give it a try, be an active part of our community’s growth.

The fundamental principle to start a business is to believe in yourself and what you do, the Arian blockchain offers opportunities to visionary people, willing to run risks. Your chance is today! Every Arian gets you closer to the future of the new economy. To be a successful miner, download the Interactive Node in https://ariancoin.io/download-interactive-node/, subscribe to our newsletter and receive more information.

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